Winnipeg Free Press column

Just wondering if anyone has read this column:

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Just goes to show you what life is like outside of Saskatchewan!

this was my fave

A Bomber fan is driving down the highway when he sees a priest hitchiking. He picks up the priest and they continue down the road. Suddenly, the driver sees a Rider fan walking on the shoulder. He can't help himself -- he speeds up, swerves as if to hit the green-clad man and then at the last moment swerves back on to the highway.

He's sure he hasn't hit the guy, but there was an unmistakable thud. He checks the mirrors, sees nothing, but decides a quick confessional couldn't hurt.

"Father," the Bomber fan begins, "I am deeply sorry for just missing that Rider fan."

"Not to worry, my son," the priest answers. "I got him with the door." [

That article wasn't even funny. There are better jokes than that.

I laughed at the Home Depot joke, most of the others were just recycled jokes with altered team names.

This is my favourite variation of a sports joke...

Little Timmy is sitting in class in Winnipeg when the teacher asks the class who cheers for the Bombers, everyone raises their hand but Timmy. The teacher, confused, asks little Timmy why he doesn't cheer for the Bombers, Timmy replies with, "Im a Roughrider fan". The teacher, slightly confused, asks Timmy why he's a Roughrider fan. "Well my mom is a roughrider fan and my dad is a roughrider fan, so im a roughrider fan".

The teacher, getting angry at this point then asks Timmy, "If your mom was an idiot and your dad was an idiot what would that make you?" Little Timmy then replies, "A Bomber fan."

I thought they were pretty decent.

I especially liked the picture of the guy who wrote the article....Beard, moustache, mullet and a smirk because he only has 1 tooth.... Yee Haw!!!