Winnipeg Free Press Article

On the game coming up this Friday in Winnipeg.

Here is the link from the CFL website

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Blah blah. Pre-game PR.
Its all about making it look like a great contest for the benefit of the fans in Winnipeg.
At least they were right about Jesse.

IMO, PR and building up the gate receipts
is the least of worries that the coach
and the players are concerned about, mr62cats

They were being very careful

NOT to say ANYTHING to the sports writer

Sounds to me like the Bombers are suffering from Ailurophobia.

Thank god for

No more licking my fingers and flipping the pages
until I zero in on Ailurophobia in the AU list.

too funny… thanks tho Ron… saved me some mad typing…lol

Well they could say that the cats have some bite or they could say that they are a really crappy team and they will beat the living $hit out of them friday, now personally saying a team is better than it is isnt necessarily more like being respectful