Winnipeg Fans

Man, are they whiney! And I thought that we were bad! It's just excuse after excuse on their forum. Oh, half our defence was injured. OK :roll: I actually gut quite a few laughs about reading how angry they are about losing to us. All of this about "Oh, in the playoffs we'll see who's a better team", they'll see! :smiley: Also, enough with the Dwight Anderson thing already. The whistle was blown when he was in the AIR. the Hebert hit was WAY after the wistle . Oh well, they are just angry :smiley: hahahahaha...

I know injuries should never be used as an excuse but in all seriousness, our starting lineup wouldn't have lost that bad. Sure we may have lost, but those 2 long runs never happen. Neil McKinlay I'm pretty sure doesnt know the meaning of contain. Injuries, sloppy tackling and turnovers all contributed to the loss. You surely can't believe the score indicates how much better you're team is than ours? No doubt the Cats are getting better and better each week, but 1 win doesnt prove much.

You're right... one win doesn't prove anything. That's why I say that your ONE win against us proves nothing.

Don't forget the Ham @ Win game last season. Ranek busted a huge over the middle pass and run to the end zone. Ranek broke 3 tackles on his way to pay dirt. The Bombers had all their starters in that game from what I remember.

Also, don't blame missed tackles etc. on just the Peg DB and LB core. Lumsden is a force when he gets moving. Lumsden has FB/MLB size and WR/DB speed. He is not dominant because the opposing players are bad. They are getting paid to play football so they are at least decent.

Lumsden can outrun the CFL's fastest DB's and he weights 225 pounds.. thats all that needs to be said when anyone wonders why he can be so dominant at times.

Missed tackles are just a part of it. The first run I’m not exactly where McKinlay was on the field, but he definetely wasn’t doing his assignment. Unless of course his assignment was to completely blow contain and run to the other side of the field.

Now maybe alot of people will understand the last second field goal attempt. Its all about tiebreakers and Berry knew (and now most of the CFL) that the Cats aren’t a free space on the BINGO card.

Don’t get me wrong, Jesse is a talent. But some people on this board are proclaiming him the best running back in the CFL, thats an honour you earn. And definetely not in 6 games. It’s nice to see some new talent coming into the league with the likes of Jesse, Payton, Ibell etc.

I think on the first run McKinlay was sealed off on a textbook block by Kori Dickerson. I'll have to check the tape, but Dickerson's block sprung Lumsden into the defensive backfield.

If I were a Winnipeg fan (shudder), I would be less worried about missed tackles and more worried about why Jessie was virtually untouched on those two long runs save for a hand on the shoulder pad.

No, McKinley ducked inside for no apparent reason while Dickerson blocked two other guys, leaving the outside (where McKinley should have been) wide open.

Well we're actually 3-1 against them this year lol