WINNIPEG FANS BE DAMNED (he said with a wink)

Danny and derren were the best combination in the history of the game, and wpg fans stuffing the ballet box doesnt change that. so there


Nope; Lancaster, Reed, Abendschan......all Roughriders :cowboy:

....why ...oh why do we have the sour -grapes crew always bringing this crap-up...There isn't that many who will disagree that Danny and Flutie were good ...just NOT good enough :wink: :lol:

well, at least someone had a rare victory over the rider fans for best ballot stuffers :stuck_out_tongue: lol ...just the most accurate voters in the league :wink:


Flutie to Pitts was a better duo than either of those two.

you know...i thought Lancaster to 'Gluey' Hughey Campbell was the best duo i had ever seen...BUT that would likely be before your time :wink:

ya. It sure was!

but I know that for all the good Lancaster did, he did a lot of bad too.

see all his INT's he threw...

Kinda like Durant, the Coach Killer. symmetry everywhere.

SJ Green disagrees. :stuck_out_tongue: (And so does TSN actually, whenever they show the top plays from that year now Green's catch is #1 and Dresller's supposed play of the year doesn't even make the cut.)

oh please, that's so BS.

he did not sabotage any coaches careers.

some players play well under certain coaches.

you wanna look at another example?

Ricky Ray under Danny Maciocia. Ray suffered and did not have very good seasons when he played under Danny M.

Durant did not throw either coach under the bus. He tried to play for them and he just couldn't do it because Both Marshall and Berry would not let Durant play to the best of his ability.

IF ANYTHING.. Berry is a QB killer!

And who here remembers how Anthony Calvillo played under Don Sutherin?

Um, can you say "dork"?

I would say the best combo was Durrant lobbing one to Marshall. Wait a minute, that one was a live bomb.