Winnipeg @ Edmonton

Since the football gods are determined to make me go 0-4 this weekend, let me get this out of the way now.

Congrats to Winnipeg on the win. :thup:

There. Now we can discuss the game. :smiley:

We are at the lake with no live/cable tv only WiFi . What is the best live streaming. Not as a rogers guest on TSN.
Another mode. Still like to watch even if Winnipeg has all ready won???????

You could try First Row Sports. The game starts at 7:00 PM ET, a little under two hours away.

After the disappointment from last week, this is a game the Bombers have to take.

Edmonton's offense looks pretty offensive :stuck_out_tongue:

Only because Nichols sucks. Plug in a healthy Reilly and the Esks would be fine.

A bit better sure, but what weapons would he have?

Why do I get the sense that I'm being trolled...?

Trolling? :lol:

Do you feel good about your Offense?

Nice forced fumble, but I hate when we don't do something with the ball....

I feel super good about the Edmonton Defense to rise big time.

Ayy no harm done

How many ex bombers are on this team?

Just tuned in. Doesn't look like I missed much.

Yup we"ll be fine Winipeg won't be able to stop the run

Oh my god, Rogers can screw right off! They have this stupid tornado warning at the top of the screen, and they keep cutting out the sound every two minutes for some stupid alarm. Funny thing is, skies are pretty much clear. This game is gonna become unwatchable thanks to the stupidity of Rogers.

Who's the warning for?

That's one reason why I picked EE to win but based on that last scamper by Cotton (about 3:30 remaining in the first) the EE needs to shore up their run defense.

OK held them to a FG but the 'Peggers are on the board and EE isn't - yet.

Mount Brydges. I'm forced to watch the game on mute because I can't stand the alarm. Although with Rod Black calling, maybe that's not a bad thing. :lol: Still annoying as hell though.

I look out my window, and we have clear skies. There's barely even a breeze. There's no hint that a storm or tornado is imminent.

Maybe look behind you, just saying. Lol