Winnipeg @ Edmonton

Questions. Buck P Has been hurt in both games. Is he 100% 85% 65%?????? Normally Buck & bombers play well in Edmonton.
With all their injuries can they WIN against a good defence. Will have to score 24 points?? CAN THEY ???
Edmontons offence under tremendous pressure at home to produce, will nickol and dime for 20 points?????
Jyles/Nichols vs Buck Final outcome?????

3-1 Winnipeg! :lol: :cowboy:

And you win the thread! :thup:

Another D battle at Commonwealth? - perhaps 24 points scored this time :lol: There is nothing more to be said about the Eskimos; Nelson is getting the job on his side of the ball, thus Special Teams may put some points up...ya think? Then again it's now handled internally and I don't want to talk about it :stuck_out_tongue: Yikes

.....With Jyles playing at 2 percent, the esks. might not get as many points as they did against the riders .. Also add the fact the esks. receiving corps looks pretty banged-up....hmmmmmm I wouldn't put money on the schmoes :wink:

If it was the Jets vs Oilers would it be a higher scoring game?

The New York Jets vs Houston Oilers back in the day. :smiley:

A tie would be fitting 2 - 2 a couple safties, offenses are shut out.

21-14 Esks all points scored by the Defense.

Yeah don't know what to pick in this "drag race"

The Blue Pinto or the Green Vega :?

Jyles will score 2 TD's running the ball and pass for another 5. He will be deemed the greatest Qb since Randy Kerbow. Then again, maybe not.

Look for Jyles to have a good game though and prove me and many others wrong. At least till the next game.

Go Bombers!!!!! :rockin:

Can I have some of that stuff.

Depth chart is out on the Eskies website; it's in one of the articles, thus still not listed on depth chart under team.

I said this might be a snoozer, but knowing the CFL the final score could be 63-60.... :lol:

My vote for comment of the year [so far] :thup:

" ...should be another coma inducing punt fest... " :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think the Eskimos should punt on first down, just to be safe.

The best thing about this game is that we won’t be subjected to the Eskimos away jerseys. As much as I hate the Gold away uni’s of the Bombers those Eskimo abombinations are probably the ugliest thing to hit this league since it became the CFL…

Behold the Eskimo depth chart, which inexplicably unlike for all other teams remains a heavily guarded and classified secret each week until a few hours before the game. :roll:

I don't like the Eskimo away green helmets going with the new away jerseys. If the helmets were always gold, we would be fine.

And either is certainly better than Winnipeg's away "panty hose special."