Winnipeg @ Edmonton 5pm

Sadly, I'll be at the game so you guys won't get to hear from me tonight! :cry:

Should be an entertaining game!

Hope you’ll be cheering for the Bombers! The Lions need your support. :rockin: They will get a chance at top spot tomorrow in the West if the Esks lose today.

Well actually, the Lions have a chance no matter what. They hold tiebreak over Edmonton. If the Lions win, the Esks can't be first. In fact, if the Esks lose, that alone keeps the Lions in first.

Lions lead the series 2 games to 1 thus far over Edmonton with one game left at the end of October in Van., Eskies will need to win that game by 29 points (however, I don't think it will happen) to win the tie breaker based on points scored. B.C. is in a good position though pdog72; Lions lead 86-58 in points for and against.

If you're talking about clinching, you're bang on. But we're just talking about this week.

"Well actually, the Lions have a chance no matter what." by Prairiedog

If you are meaning that even if Edmonton wins, the Lions just have to win and they remain in top spot because they hold the tiebreak, I agree. But a tie in Winnipeg and a Lions loss tomorrow and Edmonton has top spot honors- at least for the next week. I want to see the Lions win tomorrow and Edmonton lose today. That would make my weekend! :thup:

Both teams control their own destiny, meaning if either win out, they finish first in the west.

hmm…who to cheer for tonite?
winnipeg, i guess…lol…

or…maybe the eskies…
crap, this is hard.

Nice catch! I think it his one foot was down while he had control!

see Carr, that's how you catch the ball

how is the review this long.. it didn't even look out of bounds at real time never mind on video replay

GO BOMBERS!!! Help us get first in the west. :smiley:

A drive doesn't get much more perfect than that. Long bomb down the sideline, attack the middle with your possession reciever, execute the fake handoff, and let your running back bust into the endzone for the major.

I really have no idea what Kavis Reed thought was going to happen there..

what an absolutely terrible offensive line the Bombers have

Hefney! good field position

Yay interception!

are you kidding me?!? at least touch them or something

6 receivers on second and goal? what?

And penalties lead to Bomber Fieldgoal.....7-3 Edmonton

About time the league starts handing out bench penalties…Bet you Kavis going to calm his … down.

it was kinda stupid by Kavis Reed. it looked like even Howard knew it was a facemask as soon as he made the tackle. not like it was even borderline, it was pretty clear.

My other problem with the Bombers is there doesn't seem to be a single defensive end on the team who knows where the line of scrimmage is. Good for multiple offside penalties a game without fail.