Winnipeg @ Edmonton - 29 September 2018

How about the special teams coordinator?

I go back a long, long time. Commonwealth Stadium is usually a hill the bomber blue go to die on!

Cannot remember the last time a bomber team laid such a severe licking on the Eskimos - on their own turf?

Hope has made a guest appearance in bomberland today! Maybe she’ll stay?

I don’t care what team it is, our D played lights out. You can point fingers at what is wrong with any team. When a Defence plays like that, it’s game over… Same as the Hamilton game, the Cats played great. To belittle the victories by saying Edm and BC are having trouble don’t mean squat. When the Bombers fell to Sask those two games, did Sask say “well, the Bombers are having trouble and that’s why we won” ? No way ! They took the points and went home happy.

If our D plays like that every game, LOOK OUT !

Completely agree.

Defense often wins championships.

4 games back, did anyone predict 2nd place would be this tight of a race…with 1st place STILL up for grabs

yea…just the past two seasons teams of the CalgaryStampeders…

It is painfully obvious that the Esks are not firing on all cylinders…the question is how deep is the problem? Is it the players? Is it the coaches? and if so which coaches? Maybe the GM? How is it that it takes at least a couple of years to finally get someone who is considered a good return man such as Martese Jackson. The defensive secondary is very suspect, has been for quite a while and yet changes have not been coming. When the NFL training camps broke, we never brought anyone in to see if we could improve in that area or any other area for that matter…
The game against CAlgary…you play a team that has 7 turnovers and it STILL comes down to the last play of the game to see who wins??? How can you just sit on your laurels and say we can win with these players or coaches?
As far as I am concerned I have NO faith in Maas and the rest of the coaching staff…Maas showed he cannot handle the job and Benevides was not up to the task yesterday or any other day for that matter. This is a “wait for next year” year.
And the esks braintrust wonders why they can’t bring in fans to the game…so instead of a competitive team they offer up $2 hotdogs and $5 beer…

When I moved to Edmonton (for 5 years) in 1995, the first game I saw in Commonwealth was the Schmoes beating the Bombers 63-8 (I believe). They looked far from that today.

And now Maas fires his Special Teams Coach, because it was all of his fault.

A scene from 2 years ago, Maas chewing out his ST Coach on National TV

Looks like I jinxed the poor fellow.


I’ll say “Yes, please and thank you to the competitive team and the $2 hot dogs!” The beer you can hold.