Winnipeg @ Edmonton - 29 September 2018

Will Andrew Harris dress for the Blue Bombers? How about Nic Demski?

Will Mike Reilly bounce back from last week’s sub par (for him) performance?


Where’s Vermonter ? I thought he started these game day threads.

The torch has been passed.

Not permanently. Only when I have a specific inquiry (generally Fantasy related) and need to jump the gun.


That's alright with me.

Harris in TD . Bombers up now 17 - 0 .

Okay Fantasy you made me give up Harris saying he was hurt but he is here playing .

What’s up with that .

A waste of time 2nd and 1 and you do a QB sneak? with about 22 seconds left in the 1st half…why not fake it and go for a longer play…with a qb sneak all you do is waste time., big deal if you get 1st and 10 you still have a problem with lack of time…it may be time for the esks board to look at a new HC if they lose ithis one…obviously Jason M. is not what the esks need

get rid of HC, OC, and DC

Esks looking real bad. :-[

Sounds like the Bomber forum.

I knew even before I came on here that there’d be few posts in this thread,Bombers up by a bunch.
Edmonton put up a downright stinker tonight. Both Olines looked terrible, but man did we go at Reilly in the 2nd half.
Even in the 3rd Q the stadium looked half full.

Prolly less than 25,000 at cavernous commonwealth stadium. Very disinterested folks by all accounts.

Esks getting their xxxx’s handed to them. Bombers are great on special teams, even a couple returns over 10 yds which is amazing (for them) and 5 takeaways from the schmoes.

Bombers needed this one to stay in the race and move past BC for the crossover - just in case.

Reilly out of sorts as Rich Hall has come up with a very good plan to rush and worry the Eskimo star QB

Matt Nichols still a bit of a mutt - nothing special tonite - barfing up a late pick deep in EE territory where a sack or incomplete would have given the bombers a 27 pt lead. No reason on earth for Nichols to do what he did.

Didn’t matter. Hatman Reilly turned into Mikey Mope tonite and the bombers were full value for their 2 pts.

All said, Edmonton looks to be in total disarray with fingers starting to be pointed at Jason Maas!

Gotta give credit to the D though too. Need them firin’ at this point of the season.

…just turned the game on, what did Maas break today?

Our D played superb. If we play like that every game, lookout. None of that stupid coverage we have been playing. Send guys at Reilly all the time. I like it !
In our recent slide I never blamed the O or Nichols. The D sucked. Not tonight !

A much needed good win for us. ;D This makes my day. Of course my Dad won’t be happy. He’s a big Edmonton fan.

Good grief, what’s happening in Edmonton, that was a sad performance. You basically got pounded by a team with no offence.

After many weeks of terrific games, this week is a letdown.

Other than Rod Black calling - I suspect Sunday's final game of the week will be a torrid affair.

The first 3 this week were extremely feeble games.

Something is rotten in Eskyville!

Great win though for the Bombers, they are right back in the thick of things to be serious contenders this year. Yeah, something’s amiss there in Eskie land, for sure.