Winnipeg: East or West?

I think Cohon has mentioned the idea before, but it's looking to be more likely now.

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Sure, it would make some sense to leave the Bombers in the East until Ottawa is competitive, but Winnipeg is a team located in Western Canada and they have their roots in the west division. To keep them in the east until a 10th team also doesn't seem to make sense to me. That, and it would be great to see them play the Roughriders in a regular season game outside of September. What say you?

I think the BBs are better off in the east, there's enough competition in the west to make the playoff race exciting, the east not so much maybe with more teams the playoff race it will be more close. I prefer Winnipeg in the east, for most of my life they have played there, just makes sense for me.

Winnipeg always was in the west for years that were they belong. they are going to get another team in the east to make it a 10 team league in about 5 years .


Winterpeg belongs in the North Pole division!!! :wink:

That may be true but you can't set the divisions by how good or bad the teams are. Traditionally they are very much a Western team, the first western team to win a GC, and have only played 17 of the last 25 years in the East. Their ENTIRE history pre 1987 was as a western team. Geographically they are very much west of the lakehead, very much a part of the prairies, and in that representative sense they are a totally western team.

Now is it a huge deal which division they are in? Not really, but they do truly belong in the west. It just feels right. It's where their heart is.

Winnipeg could go east or west in terms of location as there not reall a east or west coast team.

Lyle Bauer charged the rest of the teams 800k to let the league balance the divisions. Keep them where they are.

Another team in the East in 5 years? are you serious? where? 50 years ago we had a 9 team league and 50 years from now we'll have a 8 or 9 team league. In 5 years time the Argos could be long gone, especially if the Jays give them notice that they want to lay down real grass.

I think if you go to the Bombers site you will find that most want to see them remain in the East. But I guess it will come down to what the team wants. Is it cheaper to play in the East or West? The Ticats and Argos probably have the lowest travel budget of any teams, the only time they have to fly to play an Eastern team is to Winnipeg, so I guess that Ham, Tor, Ott and Mtl would want to see the Bombers out West.

For most of the club's existence (75 years) the Bombers were ingrained in the West division and only moved due to the dissolution of Ottawa.

IMO, they should be back in the West where they belong.

How about we scrap the divisions all together. Nine Teams, Top four make the playoffs. Makes the regular season games that much more important. Basically guarantees playoff teams have winning records.

Each team plays a home and home with every team in the league, scrap the other two games or have them play based on last years results, or rotate them.

I've said this for many years: keep them in the east until a 10th team joins the league.

...that's why I want to go west young man, and shoot for a million in relocation fees : ...(geez I didn't think you liked us that much hfxtc) :lol:

a 5-team east will go a long way in changing the perception of the CFL in eastern canada.

i hear too often, a CFL team just has to avoid the basement, and they're in the playoffs. not much to shoot for.

that notion would be true with a 4-team east with expansion-ottawa being the 4th team; toronto, montreal, and hamilton would essentially have a free pass to the post-season for a few years, which devalues the regular season.

having 3 of 5 teams qualify for the playoffs gives the east division a more competitive image and squashes the current notion, that, it's too easy to make the playoffs.

winnipeg has also developed a nice little rivalry with Montreal and Hamilton over the last 7 years, so it's nice that will continue.

I agree and should something happen to an Ontario team (still the most vulnerable), the league stays balanced. Winnipeg agreed to join the East division for a "fee" so it makes for the league not to "relocate" them in the West. This way if they ever need to balance the division again they don't have to go through that again.

Just saying! If you look at a map of Canada Winnipeg is exactly in the middle of Vancouver and Montreal/Ottawa.
Keep them in the east. Next franchises will be the determining factor. Likely western Canada or Quebec or southern Ontario
I hope.Those areas actually want a CFL team!!!

Well said*********************** could we be talking 'middle east'....ouch don't like the sounds of that :lol:...Seriously though it makes more sense to remain in the east and move when the CFL 'finally' gets another franchise in the east... BUT let's get the newest entry off the ground first :wink:

don't let the door hit you..............

Stay in the East!!! The CFL should implement a rule, one glass QB per division only.

Winnipeg's next-closest Eastern neighbour is Hamilton; Regina, Edmonton and Calgary are all closer. Winnipeg is a Western team, always has been, always will be.