Winnipeg = DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:cowboy: What on earth were the coaches and players of the Bombers thinking in the 4th quarter??????????????????????????????

Maybe the most mismanaged / coached game in the 4th this season!!! Why not run the ball with Roberts when you are up 15-3 and run the clock down. Why not settle for the three late in the game. ETC. ETC> Unbelievable- only in the CFL! Why put in a COLD QUARTERBACK WHO HAS NOT PLAYED A DOWN IN THE GAME????????
oH WELL. Change the name to Bloopers from Bombers!
Riders Rule
Bombers Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome to 10 threads ago...

...I mean, we in the West would really like to support Western teams first ( even if they are in the Eastern conference) but it is tough to support idiocy!!!!!

Was it really absolutely necessary to start yet another thread about the Bomber game. If you took the 17.2 seconds it would have taken to scroll down you would see about another 3 threads going on about the Bombers blunder. :roll:

P.S. See you at the party next week in Regina "friend". :wink:

Yes. If only to highlight the stupidity seen in such succulent splendour!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Bombers Drool!!!!!!

It just struck me! Of course, like Kanga Kucha, the Bombers brains are from the non-planet Pluto hence such decisions that seem out of this world!!!!!!!!!

The story will be told turkey..Us Vs the Gap...Labour Day wknd....Bombers will be pounding the ball down Prider throats...

Does anyone understand what this guy is saying??? All's that I see is blah blah blahblah blah blah.


Riders Rule (4wins 5 losses this year so far - 2 Grey Cup Championships)
Bombers Drool (5wins 5 losses this year so far - 9 Grey Cup Championships) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Let's see - how does the song go bombers fans: "To dream the impossible dream!!!!"

On a serious note- that catch by arlan bruce deep in the end zone was a classic. Even if you are not an argo fan it was spectacular. There are great athletes in the CFL that can match any football players world wide. Also there are CFL players with huge hearts. e.g. Roberts, Damon Allen etc.
CFL Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Geeze "friend" you must be smoking that same stuff as our coach was tonight. :lol:

touche bison!!! I sincerely hope Glenn and Stegall are back so both teams have their best on the field. May the best team win. By the way, I'm on Turkey screetch tonight. Great stuff- looks like your starting qb was on it too on his last interception in the end zone!!
cheers and good night!
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:lol: :lol: Your one of a kind "friend". I'll give you that :lol: :lol:

did you play for the Bisons in '77?? Might have played against you!!!

I can see it being a Calgary vs Montreal Grey Cup...


Calgary is hot! and Montreal, once they get their act in gear will win the east..

B.C. has one problem, Injuries.

I think we're spamming up this thread turkey so this will be my last off-topic reply here.

I live in Manitoba and I was born in 1977. Hence the name bison1977.

cheers until our home and home.
p.s. khari or kenny ploen would have been better choices for the 2nd half tonight!!!!!!

blame Quinn, not the city of WPG, btw Glenn and Stegail will be back for LDC, get really to be BOMBED!!!
Riders blow

Yup, we sure have a problem with injuries :roll: . Backup Buck Pierce is only 2-0 this year. :roll:

Keep underestimating us.

Our injuries are gone, except for Simmons, who is, IMO, done. It's too bad, he was a speed-demon!