Winnipeg does not want move to the West yet again!

Funny, seeing as your best shot for a team in Atlantic Canada is a community based one. How does it feel to have a CFL team owner (Rider share, season ticket holder for 26 yrs, and proud citizen of Regina) respond to your post hmmm?????


Good logic drummer, but if history is any indication........

I would say keep Winnipeg in the East until the league expands to 10 teams, then you can move the Bombers back into the West division.

One less community owned team, isn't it funny how the strongest and most successful franchise in CFL history is a community owned team?

thats a bit of an over statement.

How is that an overstatement. Like them or not, The Edmonton Eskimoes have:

-Won more championships than any team since coming into the league.

-Made more money than any CFL team.

-Led league in attendance annually by a country mile.


As a community based team, all the money made by the team goes either back into the team or into the community, not into a rich owners pocket or manipulated into a huge tax write-off loss so you and I are left paying a larger share of taxes.

IMHO we need more community owned teams.

what was the eskies average attendance for the '07 season?

It's totally posturing. Winnipeg has gotten paid each time they moved divisions. I recall they got 200K the last time they moved over to the east (after the Renegades folded).

I believe it was more like $700,000, if I recall correctly...

u do

Your correct it was $700,000

That $700K was a one time payment, for spending 15 of the last 21 years being shuffled from West to East.

That works out to about $46,000.00 per year. Not a lot when you look at it in those terms, and way overdue imo.

Are you asking because you don't think they led the league?

The Eskimos averaged 36,843, with their highest being about 300 people shy of 47,000. They also had 3 games with more than 40,000 fans.

Second was B.C. with 32,456, and their highest was 11 people over 37,000.

Why should they get anything a year?

Because the league saw fit to compensate them for it, I would guess ? The league could have also said take hike, but they didn't, so I would guess they must have had some justification for it.

im asking cuz i don't know what thier '07 average was...and how much higher it was than everyone else.

was toronto's 31,000 third highest in the league??

I have no problem with them being compensated but I dont feel it is "owed" to them

Yeah, I think it has more to do with being accommodating to the league by moving back and forth than actually being a case of owing them anything. Although Lyle Bauer would have you believe that it has cost his team something.

I didn't look at Toronto's numbers, but I'd imagine it was either them or Calgary in third place.

calgary had 31,246

toronto is 30,932