Winnipeg does not want move to the West yet again!

So naturally, if the Ottawa Rene-Riders return to the CFL, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will be the dutiful son and obediently return to the West Division, right?
Well, not so fast.
"We aren't the foster child that's going to bounce around from home to home anymore," Bombers president and CEO Lyle Bauer insisted yesterday. "There's no other team in this league that has bounced around back and forth for the betterment of the league. And we'll still do things for the betterment of the league, but not to the detriment of our club."
Indeed, the Bombers have been quite the nomads over the last two decades. When the Montreal Alouettes met their maker in 1987, it was the Bombers who were shunted east to fill the void. In the second year of the CFL's disastrous foray into the U.S., Winnipeg's new digs were in the North Division (1995).
Then it was back to the West in 1996, then off to the East again in 1997 when the Rough Riders tanked the first time. In 2002, when the Renegades were born, it was back to the West... until 2006, when those crazy Glieberman cats finally ran out of lives.
Still, wouldn't it just make sense for the Bombers to come back west if Ottawa returns? You know, what with being a western city located in Western Canada?
"Why?" Bauer countered. "By what, geography? Geography is not a sound rationale to make a move like that. There are economic factors that should be much more heavily weighted for the affected club. And we are the affected club. People need to recognize that."

I suspect this has more to do with posturing then anything else. It has to be cheaper for him to be in the west. The travel costs to Edmonton and Calgary will be less then Montreal and Toronto.

Mind you, he may be positioning for better scheduling and more influence. Along the lines of what BC gets.

What would be the big deal if there were 5 teams in the East instead of the West?

I've got a better idea, lets give St. John's a team and move them to the west! honestly, what's the difference. Winnipeg has traditionally been a west team, the only difference will be their schedule, so what if they play edmonton 3 times instead of Toronto.

Sir Wallis Buonis the lionhearted. LOL!


The question for me is ... does the Bomber org. have more than one vote in the matter? I assume its a decision made by the CFL's BOG.


winnipeg should stay in the east until QC or halifax joins the league....

this way, if ottawa folds again, winnipeg wont have to switch divisions, having been in the east the whole time anyways.

Well obviously they do have a say. the last time the league had to pay them 700,000 to get them over to the east.

This god-person makes good sense.

Plus, if you were Winnipeg, who would you rather play 4 times: BC, Calgary and Sask., or Hamilton and an expansion Ottawa franchise?

nah, Wpg has to be in the West. With only 4 teams, 3 teams make the playoffs, which makes the regular season a bit of a joke. With the 5th teams, making the playoffs means something. The Lions went for long stretch of missing the playoffs in their lean periods. Making the playoffs was a big deal. And it should be and will be with the Bombers back in the West.

The East will need a 5th team also. When 3 of 4 teams make the playoffs, there is no real incentive to go crazy in the regular season...or bother scouting...just pick up some other teams castoffs and put on a push in the final few weeks and playoffs.

What difference does it make if the west or the east has 5 teams. It would be same would it not. This way a strong west team vs a strong east team (winnipeg) would be at the GC. The other teams in the east are weak as it stands now. By having 5 teams in the east it would put pressure on the east teams to be more competitive. The west does not have that problem in the past few years.

I really do not blame the Bombers for this stance. After all each of those reasons are valid.

A couple of other big factors:

  1. Bombers have spent 15 of last 21 years in the East, many young fans consider the Bombers an Eastern team anyway;

  2. Montreal and Toronto outdraw all other teams, except for the Riders in Winnipeg.

Cripes. Like Drummer said, keep them in the East until the league gets another Eastern team. This back and forth crap is annoying.

Plus, you know, Saskatoon is getting a franchise.....

Lyle Bauer is just making some noise to make sure we get a nice juicy bonus like we did last time. The Bombers need that $700,000 to cover their relocation expenses which last time ran at least 2 grand.

Here we go again. Bombers manipulating their league partners in getting handouts again. They got 800k for the little disturbance.

Shut up Taman and take your team and play in the division that the league assigns the Bombers.

Can't wait till Asper own's that team. One less community owned team.

Only in the CFL...

Whos says Winnipeg gets the final say anyways. What if the Western Teams don't want Winnipeg.

I think it is time for the West to have the easy ride with four teams to the Easts five.

Leave them in the East.

....Bauer is making lots of noise...and getting ready to have his palm greased again with some 'pillar to post' money....The wandering Bombers have lots of valid reasons to put forth in order to be awarded 'travel' money....on the other hand son red2005 has a good argument for keeping the BigBlue that, at this particular time ,it would eliminate a strong contender for the east rep. in the Cup race....In the end the league makes the final decision...but you can bet the Bombers will be moving back to the west division once the Ren-Riders are back in....its what the league has deemed best for all concerned in the past.......sooooo,,,we'll accept the moving-back money graciously and continue to gripe about how nomadic we've become..... :wink: :lol: