Winnipeg Defense and Penalties

Soooo just finished re-watching the game against Hamilton and what happened to the Winnipeg Defense? The offense although not amazing has been better than I have seen for awhile from the Blue Bombers.

The defense though; and the penalties we were taking really hurt the team. One penalty even caused Woods a huge touch down score.

I think given the tools that Hall had he did a much better job than I expected; our running game didn't get much and our defense was letting everything through. Giving up that many points against Hamilton just should not have happened not with what we were considering originally one of the BEST defenses in the league.

Your thoughts?

Watching a Bomber game twice? You obviously are a courageous lad and/or a glutton for punishment possibly suffering from dire boredom as well. I thought when Hall had time in the pocket he did fairly well, but will probably end up being replaced by Pierce because he has pictures of people in compromising positions. The penalties are always frustrating, especially Woods having his return taken away, but at least he's showing the powers that be he's worth keeping around for a while. The secondary needs to grab hold of people because they can't cover, so it's not terribly surprising they get called so often.

After a rough start Hall had a decent first half over all. He unraveled in the 2nd half though. Some of that was poor playcalling. some of that may have been having to shuffle some of the receivers around after Matthews left the game like he said. But some of that was poor execution - he threw into double coverage once and almost got picked off so a couple plays later he does it again and gets picked off?! And after he took that hit that hit that took him out of the game for a couple plays, he didn't have quite the same zip on the ball. He lacked some composure in the 2nd half once he started making mistakes which given his past experience and the comments I expected more from him, but really this was his first CFL start so that's excusable.

The reason why they are going to go with Pierce, if they do that is since they haven't started practice to show who will be the starter, is because he's been around the CFL longer and may adapt quicker to whatever changes Marcel B might want to do. I don't think they want to throw Goltz or Hall into the wolves with new changes on offense and a short week with travel. Even if it is Buck to start now, with what Marcel B is saying about getting the younger guys reps in during the week so they can develop, I can see either Goltz or Hall getting the starts again down the road once the changes on offense have been integrated a bit more.

Same guys taking all the penalties too boot. Like Burke said, they just don't have replacements available....yet.

PIGSEYE I know, the worst was Dunn I don't know how many times he was caught with Pass Interference tugging on the guys jersey; or how many times he didn't get caught still tugging on the jersey. Some of the players we have are great for maybe 10 minutes of the game but the rest of the game they are just terrible.

I'd rather have someone who is average all game than great for 1/4 or even a third and terrible the rest. I think some of this recruiting of CFL veterans might help out Winnipeg even if the vets aren't great maybe it will atleast give our rookies veterans who can teach them and train with them and also maybe get our current vets a little more worried about their jobs.

I'm hoping next game we see the penalties reduced by more than half as it was disgusting the ammount of penalties we took. I'm sure the game was won more because of those penalties putting the team in a whole which they had to try to force to get out. It's always easier if you are in the lead because you don't need to try to force the ball.