Winnipeg deal Wynn to Toronto for Backup***

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The Argos and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have done a deal that will be a Wynn-Wynn situation for both teams.

The Toronto Sun has learned that Winnipeg will send quarterback Spergon Wynn to the Argos for backup safety/linebacker Mike Crumb and a second-round pick in this year's Canadian draft. The deal will be announced today.

The Argos coveted the 27-year-old Wynn because they wanted a quarterback with some Canadian Football League experience to complement veteran Damon Allen, highly touted rookie Eric Crouch and sophomore Charlie Peterson.

Michael Bishop, the Argos backup and occasional starter the past three years, won't be back even though he's on the roster. Bishop is starting for Chicago in the Arena League and didn't want to return here as a backup.

Wynn, who is 6-foot-3, 230 pounds, played two years with the B.C. Lions and one season with Winnipeg. He has a strong arm and some mobility. In his rookie season in 2003, he backed up Dave Dickenson and started against the Argos in the Eastern semi-final.

Wynn dropped to third string in 2004 and asked for a trade after the season. He didn't get untracked in Winnipeg while battling a knee injury and dropped to third string.

Contacted yesterday from his off-season home near Houston, Wynn said he heard from a friend in Winnipeg a week ago that a trade to Toronto might be in the works.

"I'm obviously excited," Wynn said. "Toronto is a great team and a great organization. My first reaction is I really feel good (about the trade). Any time you have a chance to have a new beginning it's exciting.

"I'm looking forward to being on the same team as (Allen). I know he can teach me, that's just another bonus. He's a good person to study under."

Crumb is an eight-year veteran, the first five with B.C., the past three with Toronto. He is a solid special teams player who has some starting experience as a safety. However, the Blue Bombers are eyeing Montreal Alouettes free-agent Richard Karikari. He is canvassing the National Football League market, but likely will focus on the CFL in another week.

Levingston update

The Lions may be interested in trading for Bashir Levingston if the Argos are willing to assume part of his contract -- and sources say that may be a possibility.

Levingston, who became expendable when the Argos signed returner/receiver Keith Stokes as a free agent on Sunday, is scheduled to receive $125,000 this year and has a bonus that kicks in March 1.

Ex-Argo gets new deal

Former Argos offensive lineman Sandy Annunziata, who was traded to the Edmonton Eskimos last year, has agreed to a free-agent deal with the Ottawa Renegades for four years with an average salary of $100,000 per season.


As noted yesterday, a possible change in the punting rules will be discussed by the rules committee today as part of the on-going CFL congress in Toronto.

Toronto obviously can see Wynn's potential... Once Damon retires Wynn will be the starter for Toronto. Wynn will have the opportunity to learn from the "Great One" Damon for the next few years.

its on's board now

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....ends up ...we give up a possible star....and a first round draft pick (what the Bombers gave to the Lions to get Wynn) for Crumb....who I hope dosen;t turn out to be a bumb....or I'd say we got stiffed....but hold on folks ....Free Press in the Peg....says Rita and Taman are still talking.....what other wonderous transactions are in the works....spill the beans boys... :roll: :?: :?:

Papa, that trade confuses me. Crumb is a pretty decent defender, But I still think you guys need help in the QB dept. If Glenn can’t get it done, then all you have left is Tee Martin and Michna.

Maybe you’re right…more news to follow

who the heck is mike (harry) crumb.......

IMO Wynn was the Bombers best QB!

Wow. Letting go of Wynn. The Bombers are now doomed.

Jason Crumbs Brother???

…harry crumb was John Candy…who was previous owner of the T.O Argo…Jason Crumb used to play for the Lions…and wait a minute… so did Harry…I mean Mike… :?

Good deal for the Argos, but what are the BB thinking by giving up on a decent QB when already they are suspect at the position. Glenn is not a proven top notch QB and only had an average type season for a last place team. Meanwhile, Martin is a stiff while Michna is a raw rookie with some potential up side. Which begs the question, one would think Coach Berry and GM Taman must be thinking of acquiring a first stringer. But, from whom?

P.S. Could Bishop be the player to be named later?

I saw an article a few days ago that Taman had his sights on an ex-NFL QB who is a free agent at the moment. Might explain trading Wynn. Ryan Leaf? lol

It better be someone real good and proven. Who can step in immediately.

....doubleBlue is correct.....but no one really has a handle on WHO it really is.....rumour is Berry knows of this guy....and is advising Taman to bring him in.....I think he was at the Als training camp in 05 and they were really high on him..... currently not signed in the nfl....NO ITS NOT WHITE.... :shock:

Kevin Feterik!

he won last years DAMON ALLEN QB CHALLENGE, and now hes damons back-up....maybe it was an omen?

Meh. It's a swap of backup players. Really nothing to get excited about. If Wynn were so damn good, he'd have been starting in Winnipeg. He won't start in Toronto and is not even assured of the No. 2 spot.

As I mentioned in a previous thread, I'm very leery of a QB with a couple of busted up knees. If he wasn't starter material before 2 knee surgeries, why would he be now?

Horus: It may not be the only reason Wynn wasn't a starter before hurting himself, but don't forget, before Winnipeg he was playing behind Dave Dickinson and Casey Printers. A lot of starters would be third string behind those 2, especially in 2004.

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers may be interested in acquiring return specialist Bashir Levingston from Toronto if the price is right.

Winnipeg general manager Brendan Taman said yesterday he had received permission from Argos general manager Adam Rita to talk to Levingston's agent.

The Argos are trying to trade Levingston, who became expendable when the team signed free-agent returner/receiver Keith Stokes last Sunday. Stokes played the past two years in Winnipeg and augmented his return skills as a capable receiver.

Levingston is arguably the best return specialist in the Canadian Football League but couldn't prove his versatility to Toronto as an offensive or defensive player. Levingston is scheduled to receive $125,000 this year -- a hefty amount for a player considered one-dimensional -- and is scheduled to receive a bonus of $20,000 on March 1.

The Argos may opt to eat part of the contract to facilitate a trade.

"If (Levingston) wants to agree to a reduction (in salary) and Toronto pays a portion of it, I may be interested," Taman said last night. "We've talked about it (in the organization).

"It could happen but there's a lot of things that need to happen before it develops. I can probably stomach if I'm lucky (paying) $100,000, maybe. We'll see what happens."

Taman was scheduled to pay Stokes a base pay of $100,000, but the deal included a $30,000 provision in bonus incentives. Stokes received a base pay of $80,000 last year and incentives that pushed it up to $100,000.

The Argos would prefer to trade Levingston to a West Division team rather than see him play for an East Division team.

Still, Rita has apparently also talked to representatives of Hamilton and Montreal.

Hamilton may have an interest, but there may be concerns about Levingston's salary, his reputation as a one-dimensional player plus the fact he threw a helmet into the crowd last year at Ivor Wynne Stadium and injured a young boy. Levingston publicly apologized, was fined by the Argos and suspended for one game by the league.

Montreal has a pure return specialist in 5-foot-4 Ezra Landry.

Crumb accepts trade

Versatile backup defensive back/linebacker Mike Crumb found out he had been traded to Winnipeg yesterday shortly after his wife gave birth to the couple's second child, a boy. The Argos dealt Crumb and a second-round draft pick in 2006 for quarterback Spergon Wynn.

"I didn't think a 35-year-old is worth anything, particularly a quarterback," Crumb said jokingly. "I guess Winnipeg was looking for what I bring to the table, possibly to be playing again as a starter."

....Levingston is a guy who plays on the edge....ANGER MANAGEMENT.... could be an issue for the BigBlue....along with the fat salary for a one dimensional player....but I might have to eat my words.... drumming god ..about his release.....seems the Argos are still trying to DEAL him to the Bombers as trade talks thing surprises me in all of this ....why wasn't there a trade ....Stokes straight-up for Levingston...don't get it....maybe the hefty contract Brashir has a stumbling block....that is what led me to believe he would be released....that possibility still exists if no one wants to pick up his contract...and the possibility still exists that he could be traded...IF....he agrees to a salary restructuring....who knows now...but I have a suspicion that he is headed to Taman and Rita are still dealing... :roll: