Winnipeg Cuts Richie Williams

8) According to Drew Edwards, the Bombers have released Richie Williams !!
  I guess Kelly thought he was the worst of that bad bunch of QB's out there.

  Obviously the move was made to make room for Bishop  !!!

Another great move by the Bombers. :frowning: Ritchie was better than Lafors.

Yes, getting rid of veteran depth at QB seems to be a Kelly staple, but I digress. :wink:

Hope you land on your feet Richie Williams. You deserve better

I liked Ritchie, but unfortunately, it's time for him to accept the fact...he's not good's time to go coach or get a real job, and I hope he has ALL the luck and success in the world. He made Hamilton a better place when he was here.

I thought Richie would have started this week and after Bishop, I thought he would have been the back up.

I would have cut Lefors in a heartbeat.

I agree probably his last stop in the CFL good guy just not pro calibre player. Although he was better then lafores bbut Kelly won't admit he made a mistake and release him

Feel bad for Richie.

Not a future hall of famer but certainly competitive in terms of the Winnipeg line-up and a perfect back-up for a team in this situation (as we saw last August).

Williams has more CFL experience than LeFors and Randall. But for Kelly to keep Williams and release LeFors would be an admission that he made a mistake in naming LeFors the starting QB. It would also be an admission that a Ticat castoff was the best QB they had, which would explain why he was #3 on the depth chart.

Perry Lefko said similar things here: ... ams_moves/

Good luck to Williams in the future. It is a shame it seems his CFL career will end because Kelly can't seem to accept that he's better than the QB Kelly named the starter.

I personally wouldn't be surprised if someone else signed him. He's got enough potential to start in a few seasons.

Doing the opposite of what any sane logical man would do is a Kelly staple. :slight_smile:

BC could maybe use him.

Mike Kelly would Know Talent if bit him the Butt
Ritchie was his Best QB that day ..
they other two QB where worse..

You can't play QB in the CFL if you can't throw.....period.

Nice guy. Big heart, great mobility.

Too bad but if you cant play in Hamililton or Peg, you sure ain't playing in BC, Calgary or Montreal.

You can’t honestly tell me that you think Lefors was better than Williams?? I’ve always been a big fan of Richie and I wish him all the best. He is clearly head and shoulders about Lefors and Randall, but as BYF so eloquently put it there is no way that tool Kelly is going to admit he made a HUGE mistake. Too bad he didn’t stick with Lefors a little longer though. That guy is absolutely brutal.

Ottawa 2010

Keep going Richie!

It would be interesting to see how he could do on a contending team!

Thanks BG, but when I read my post again, maybe I could have been more eloquent, but I won't argue with you. :slight_smile:

Williams performed better then LeFors and Randall did, leading me to believe he'd start in Toronto tomorrow. But I should've known that Kelly would not do what would make sense. He'll instead start a career armpunter who only had a few days to get to know the playbook. Yeah. That'll work.

Anyway, if the blue team is going to lose McNeal, I can see them picking up Williams if they don't get a QB for him. But again, it's quite possible his CFL career may end here and now because of Kelly's ego.