Winnipeg Considers New Corporate Structure

Talk this morning is that David Asper and Bombers are in discussions on new structure that may including opting out of community owned football model. New stadium talks part of discussion.

good news! as long as they sell the team back to the city when they don't want it anymore.

That is great news for this team! Pappa get the hearing aide on DID YOU HEAR THAT!
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the AP is gettine meationed a bit too much again, can we tone it down on it please?

Tone what down, the action point? What's wrong with mentioning the action point? I recall a time when there was a certain action point proponent on this site, and all he did was yammer on and on about the action point, and how much he loved the action point, and the so-called benefits of the action point.....and now this action point advocate wants the action point not mentioned?

it's goona old real fast, and I don't even call it that anymore.

This is action point craziness, I tells ya.....

no more untill that petition gets done, please, or call it the Extra Point Try, or better, the Extra Point Convert. That sounds better. For the French, Transformation Converti.

I hear the AP has actually been translated into Italian as well. Over in Rome, the AP can be said as "succa il cazzo"


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Its only been on the radio thus far.

so you have already changed the name of your action point??? does it get a new jersey too?

as for private ownership. please no. we may be in a slump when it comes to cup wins but with a salary cap that puts teams on a even playing field that will change soon enough.we have come through a decade of righting ourselves financially and are at the point where we can start spending again. give it some time. if we go private we will never be community owned again. one the aspers get tired of losing money or get too old we will be in the same boat as the other private owned teams. few years of success then failure then on the brink of extinction. the only teams in the league that haven't had serious ownership issues are the three community owned teams. how can people not realize that that is something to be proud of. we have not been the teams tarnishing the reputation of the league. it has been all the others... maybe cgy excluded. while they went through those nasty years they punished themselves more than the league.

kinda, it's put as EPT/TC on my Red and White Ref jumper.

I think this is a good idea, as long as the owners sell the team back to the city and not fold it during hard times.

But a few teams need to go to comminuity ownership, like Ottawa and Hamilton.

going private would help with the new stadium because the city could lease it to the team and make money off of it but if the city ownes it that would make it alote harder to build. Also with the ownners we are getting around the league it with the exception of Ottowa it would be a good thing it forces the team and ownership to put a better product on the field.

I get the omonous feeling that this move to privatize is only a result of the Winnipeg conservatives ganging up to turn another public venture into a private one. Let's face it, the conservative mantra is "(grunt) Private good! (grunt) Public baaaad! (grunt)".

Mayor Sam Katz is a man of no great intellect nor ability. This is the guy who thinks it's just fine for public money going to build him a stadium for his Goldeyes, while arguing against public money towards a stadium for the public team. Sam was almost flat busted broke so his freinds (read the Aspers) put up the money for his election campaign. Now it's payback time.

Sam owes the Aspers and we have an election coming up in October. I don't think it a coincidence that the talk of private ownership comes right before an election, and with little time for public debate. What will likely happen is that the debate will occur only after the election, when the voters have no say and the fix is in.

Winnipeg runs on collusion and dirty politics. I hate bringing this up in football forum, but on this topic I don't think it can be avoided.

the government should not own anything they work for the people when you vote city council you are voting on your team wake up people think about it