Winnipeg coach Doug Berry fired

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One would think Kevin Glenn, Berry's "heavyweight champ," will be next.

I wonder if Berry, who has a background an an O-Coordinator, might be considered for that post with the Cats in 2009?

Indecisive.Flip-flopped on QBs and kickers all year. Praise the player and then tear him down again routine can only last so long.

Third coach fired in 4 seasons and we're the laughing stock? :roll:

No QB, 14 free agents, aging linebackers, expensive d-line. Chickens coming home to roost.

Holy, if our coach would of had a 8-10 record and was in the Grey Cup the year before he could of run for mayor of the Hammer. :roll:

That means the Winnpieg Staff is up for Grabs..
Greg Marshall would look good as our DC and Asst Head Coach

I'm going to miss those throbbing veins in his temples.

An Argo-Cat fan

Onknight wrote: “That means the Winnpieg Staff is up for Grabs…
Greg Marshall would look good as our DC and Asst Head Coach”.

Onknight: He may very well look even better (from his point) of view as the Bombers Head Coach.
If not then I think he would be a good fit here. But I still have a feeling Rich Stubler is waiting in the wings. Either one of them would be a big improvement.

I think that he is going to end up as their coach. His name has been thrown around a lot over the past few years and I think his time has come.

If Marshall isn't promoted to HC in Winnipeg, I can see him leaving. Being passed over like that would be insuting to him.

According to Dave Naylor on Sportscentre, Edmonton receivers coach Mike Kelly (a former Winnipeg O.C.) is a likely candidate to replace Berry.

What a joke , the guy takes them to the Grey Cup last season and this year he is a bum ? Glen was up for MVP last season and now some of you guys say he`s a bum ????????

Right now it looks as though Mike Kelly, Winnipeg's receiver coach is the front runner for the job in the Peg. This is our chance to get two quality coordinators in Berry and Marshall. 2 experienced coordinators is the biggest step towards getting a winner.

Mike Kelly is actually the Eskimos' receivers coach right now. TSN has reported that Kelly is the leading candidate for the Bomber head coaching position because club president Lyle Bauer has had a high regard for him since his days as the Bomber offensive coordinator in the early 1990s.

It will be interesting to see which members of the Bombers' coaching staff end up on other CFL teams next year. In addition to Doug Berry and Greg Marshall, here are the other members of the Bombers' coaching staff:

QBs Coach, Offensive Coordinator- Kit Cartwright
Defensive Backs Coach- Dan Daniel
Receivers Coach and College Draft Coordinator- Bob Dyce
Defensive Line Coach- Richard Harris
Special Teams Coordinator and Running Backs Coach- Cory McDiarmid
Offensive Line Coach- Bob Wylie

This is my guess also. Maybe they can take Creehan off our hands to replace Marshall as DC. I would give them Creehan for a can of soda. :slight_smile:

This is my guess also. Maybe they can take Creehan off our hands to replace Marshall as DC. I would give them Creehan for a can of soda.
Greed has spoiled too many deals. Let's do value for value. We'll give them Creehan AND a can of soda.

I'm not at all sure that Marshall will get the job in Winnipeg.

He's been passed over many times for a head coaching job.........Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg (when Berry was hired), Montreal last offseason.

Either he gives lousy interviews, or there's something about him that makes GMs think he is not head coaching material.

Don't forget the Argos are looking for a head coach.Berry and/or Marshall could end up in Toronto.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Toronto is seriously looking at George Cortez as the next HC, according to Lefko:

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You people in Hamilton can have Greg Marshall, couldn’t stop Ricky Ray, gave up most passing yards in CFL, thats why he’s not a head coach, had lots of chances.

Maybe they think it is the 'OTHER' Greg Marshall, when they see his resume???

:thup: :thup: :thup:

If I'm Obie, I hire Berry as O.C. right now. Berry ran a great offense in Montreal during the peak of the Calvillo-Cahoon-Copeland years. Fire Cartwright, and get Berry in, he will turn your offense around.