Winnipeg close to signing former 1st Round WR Charles Rogers

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What a complete disaster this once proud franchise has become. A complete embarassement to the rest of the league.

I hear Rae Carruth and Lawrence Phillips are being paroled soon...stay tuned....LOL

Nah, an embarassing franchise is one that gets 2, 3, 4 wins a year like some teams I could mention. At least the Bombers are trying to sign players who might be able to help. If they screw up off the field, they can cut them. But at least they're trying to turn things around immediately.

An Argo-Cat fan

Salary cap? what's a salary cap?

At least Lefors knows where his money went now.

Where's Chuck Swirski on the fan when you need him. He'd definately predict them to go undefeated the rest of the season with Rogers getting 1500 yards and 20 td's in the second half of the season and their defence now surrendering 0 points a game with Pacman returning 10 picks for tds as well as returning another 10 punts for td's.

I agree. Very bad ideas.

I don't think someone should lose their job or be denied their living if they get into trouble with the law and paid their dept to society. If your neighbour had an altercation with a bouncer or arrested for getting into a fight should he lose his job at a steel plant or lose his career as a plumber, carpenter etc?? No, what these guys get up to in their off hours shouldn't reflect on their careers.

However, substance abuse and injuries are things that the football team should worry about and this guy has had both problems going back to 2003.

Jones and Rogers won't improve the Bombers anyway. Their passing game is the worse this league has seen since Jason Maas in Hamilton, it bloes and they have no Canadian depth. They play the Riders b2b and then they travel to Montreal. Their season should be over in september.

There is also a rumour that his contract is for Returner duties only. He has no intention of playing DB for the Bombers.

The reality is that there are not a lot of employers who want to hire a violent criminal. Especially one who has a history of re-offending. The guy is a menace and should not be allowed to cross the border into our country. We have enough of our own criminals here. He should be allowed to make a living, but the NFL also has the right to get rid of him based on violation of the morals clause that (I'm sure) he willingly signed. Obviously morals don't impact some teams.

I have to disagree with you, BF. I think it is an embarassment and says that the CFL is desperate and pathetic enough to take the NFLs garbage because their players are so much better than our players.

They would never agree to something as silly as that especially after the Lefors incident, that would completely turn every player in that locker room against Kelly.

I agree, BG.

It seems that Winnipeg feels the marketing/PR splash to be had by signing repeat creeps who the NFL won't touch is worth the considerable cost to the reputation and integrity of the league. If the goal is to become known as the last refuge for people the NFL won't touch with a ten foot pole, then maybe this is a good strategy. If, on the other hand, the goal is to raise the stature of the CFL, then this is the wrong way to go.

I don't like what Winnipeg is doing to the reputation of a league I have followed and cared about for more than 45 years.

I disagree about "reputation" and "image" and all that esoteric language. It's about winning the Grey Cup, if the Bombers or any team can do this legally by signing guys that the media or fans say will hurt the "reputation" and "image" of the league, and say it makes the league less "credible", I don't care as a fan, it's getting your team name on that trophy, everything else is extraneous babble.

As I say, as long it's all legal. I'm sure no CFL rule book will say as rule 1.1 "No team shall sign a player that the league office rules as non-credible or bad for the image of the league despite if that player has a legal right to work in Canada and is not suspended by the NFL."

Both Rogers & Packman Jones make Arland Bruce III look like an angel....

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8) I hardly think Chuck Swirsky would make such a prediction as you claim !!
 Chuck had actually become a fan of the CFL during his 10 years in Canada.

 Of course his favourite teams were Da Bears, Da Cubs, and Da Blackhawks  !!!

 Now that he is back in Chicago, despite becoming a Canadian citizen, I know that he is very happy
 there once again  !!!

 He used to live right around the corner from me here in Burlington, and a nicer guy, you could never
 meet  !!!

Yup, the Swirsk. The guy who wouldn’t go to a CFL game if you paid him.

Good riddance I say.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well Earl, I guess you and I have different priorities. I don't think things like integrity and reputation are esoteric or extraneous babble. To me these are fundamental values--- in business, sport, and society generally. In my view they take clear priority over winning a sports trophy--- if a choice has to be made between them (though I think they can and should go together). In fact, a league whose championship is contested by teams that habitually use players of known bad character to gain a short-term competitive edge isn't one I'd be interested in following.

But that's just me. I'm content to agree to disagree about it.

I can't believe Onknight wasn't all over this. He has a disturbingly large man crush on Charles Rogers...


Not going to happen. Rogers is inelligable

No offense to you Earl, but it's this attitude that makes the world what it is today.

People have stopped caring about the means, they only care about the end.

It's sad.

Hmm Call the Them Winnipeg Fellons lol :lol:

Neither Pacman or Rogers or going to the Bombers.Check the TSN website.