Winnipeg clearly prefers the CFL

Only 8,944 tickets have been sold to Packers-Raiders preseason game in Winnipeg


Via Carter Brooks of [i]Game On Magazine[/i] in Winnipeg, [url=]only 8,944 tickets have been sold[/url] to the preseason game. That’s 27 percent of the 33,000-seat capacity at IG Field.

“the cheapest ticket costs $191.50 Canadian”

Yay! Those who live in the flood plain of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers clearly have good taste.

IMO the government of Canada should ban the NFL from ever playing in Canada.

Why isn’t IG field sold out for Blue Bomber games week in and week out if they clearly prefer the CFL? The only reason the NFL game isn’t sold out is because no one would want to pay those prices for an exhibition game.

Ban? Nah. Let the market speak! It is pretty clear no ban is necessary.

Especially one with the Raiders — a team run by a duplicitous, incompetent charlatan.

…with a worse hairdresser than Trump, if that’s even possible (it is)…

The Blue Bombers have drawn an average of 24,958 fans per game to IG Field this year. Winnipeg fans’ preferences should be clear from that stat alone. And TV ratings and fan opinion polls confirm the tale told by ticket sales.

I’m with you. I’d be strongly opposed to any government imposed bans myself.

That being said I reserve the right to sneer in disgust at those “Canadians” who prefer American football to our own.


Never agree with bans either however there should be a better definition for CanCON involving Canadians playing pro sports .

This alone would discourage any NFL attempts to have a team here .

Watching the Blue Jays or the Reds is the same thing it’s neither CanCon if there isn’t a percentage of Canadians on the field playing the sport . Raptors are not Cancon . If they want the content as Canadian for broadcasting then play Canadians .

Special status of Cancon should be reserved for an actual percentage of Cancon participating in the sport .

Have all the US leagues you want up here but they should get zero help with media rights in Canada establishing it as Canadian content by our government .

It’s possible, and not at all wrong, to like both, but I do frown at the NFL-only types.

Me I do worse than frown at NFL-only types.


The preseason game in Winnipeg is 100% an NFL production.
The NFL paid a lump sum to the poweres to be in Winnipeg.
Its on the NFL now. This is worse than the Bills Toronto series in Toronto. For the NFL.
Nfl has zillions of dollars.
Charging almost 200 dollars for a preseason game at a nuetrlal site is just plain NFL DUMB!

The title of this thread should therefore be changed to
“Winnipeggers clearly are not stupid!”

I’m also all for the US banning the CFL from ever playing there also. It will protect the integrity of both, but especially the CFL.

Idiotic pricing.

Just checked and can get a Bills Patriots reg ticket for 88 US.

There are plenty of NFL fans in Canada but it doesn’t mean they are willing to pay ridiculous prices for preseason games let alone regular season games. that was made very clear in Toronto. The organizers of this game clearly didn’t learn from the Bills series in Toronto.

Looks like the NFL tried to pull a Touchdown Atlantic style cash grab. When’s the “We’re slashing ticket prices!” announcement?

Yes, I agree! None of the Blue Jays, Raptors or Toronto FC are proper Canadian content and it’s an outrage for them to be treated as such.