Winnipeg chosen as CFL hub if league plays games in 2020: report

If true, I think Winnipeg is a fine choice, given its facilities, hotels, and central location.


If they are doing the hub thing, might as well do Winnipeg. That way west teams can say they are still playing in the west and east teams can say they are still playing in the east. :slight_smile:

I dont see how doing this is going to lose them less money than no season. Maybe they feel that they have to do so in order to keep the league going.


Stable Covid situation helps too.

Hopefully this is the plan and the league can announce it for real


Sask's premier was talking about it today too

Winnipeg is a good choice. Logistics of bringing the players in alone is a lot more covid friendly. Regina airport is losing domestic flights, let alone U.S. flights. At least one less airport for the incoming imports and about as central as you can get for this league.


Have no problem with one city. Minimize costs.

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AS long as Wpg players and personnel as required to stay in a hotel and cannot visit their families like the rest of the league

Now practically speaking, THAT will be difficult to enforce amidst all the other priorities.

I agree but its the only way to be fair

Or play in the maritimes Only 6 active cases among the 4 provinces and you don't need much of a stadium if there are no fans

How is this going to work??
We have 9 teams of young nubile athletic men in quarantine separated away from their wives or girlfriends for at least 4 months!

These guys probably have not gone without the deed for 2 weeks since they were high school football stars at 16 years old let alone 4 months



I am not sure what your point is but my point is that if 8 teams are away from their family and friends for 4 months and has to live out of a suitcase and 1does not...that team has a major advantage...

Play in the maritimes....only 6 active cases and no team gets an advantage

I see your point, but that is not going to happen. There's no way the CFL is going to spread the potential risk to TWO areas whatever the financial situation to make it work for a shortened season.

Oh, I got your point, (My point was made in jest) about the unfair advantage of hometown fornication verses
4 months for all the rest of the 400 guys going without. :nauseated_face:

Some of these guys might not want to make the playoffs and go another 3 weeks!

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I tried arguing this exact same point a few weeks ago and was told I was being petty...

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OK I understand now

It was your point that made me think about it and realize that you are right

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I don't know... the pent up testosterone may be an advantage.

Maybe someone can make hay on a study and test the two scenarios?

Interesting idea

Thats a good sign.

The HUB should be in Winnipeg or Regina. Both cities have had relatively low case numbers (Saskatchewan's are mostly in the far north) and both cities have state of the art facilities.

I'm hopeful they can get a deal done with the Player's Union. Get the players up here mid July, quarentine, run a shortened camp, and then get on with it.

What, not sask. Wowwy , That’s a surprise !!! Lots of banjo picking going on out there. ? In the peggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

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