Winnipeg !@ Calgary

Little over half an hour. Once again I find myself forced to cheer for the Stamps just so I can break even on the weekend.

Winner gets first overall. Loser falls to 4th in the west, out of a playoff spot.

I don't care who wins. Just need Cotton and Rogers to save my pool this week.

Wow. Bombers strike early. :o 8-0.

Willy is on :thup:

Another o-line guy down for Calgary. The injuries are almost as bad as the flags this season.

Couple of two-and-outs for Calgary, and Winnipeg gets good field position. The Bombers could potentially put this one to bed early. :?

Somebody grease up Cotton? Half the Calgary D just slid right off him.

That was a bonehead PI by Calgary. They basically gifted Winnipeg a TD. Calgary is ugly this season.

Nice run by Cotton, thus Brohm TD - 15-0 Winnipeg

Huge fumble. Calgary needs to take advantage now or this game could be over.

TD and a two-point convert. Good job, Stamps. :thup:

Nevermind. We have a flag.

There we go. 16-8. Now time for the D to show up.

And the Stampeders do just that, Bo-Levi to Rogers TD - 16-8 Bombers lead

What's with the bright blue ties? Suitor's wearing one tonight. LaPolice wore one last night. And I think Milt wore one the night before. Are they passing around the same tie? :lol:

Seems like not much of a reason Chief.

Parades miss. Yet another momentum shift coming up?

I'm doing terribly. I need Calgary to win just to finish 6-10.

I saw that going wide the second he kicked it.

Blocked punt for a TD! :rockin: