Winnipeg @ Calgary

Couldn't tell you for sure, but I think he would have landed in bounces so it was the right call.

That did look off... :expressionless:

That field goal was CLOSE!

Come on! Am I not allowed to have a perfect week? :lol:

Apparently I'm not either. I wouldn't be heart broken if Calgary lost though.

If they did lose, it might make the West more competitive. If they win, Saak and Cal will be 4-1 while BC and Edm will be 1-4. Ridiculous... :roll:

Hamilton, BC, and Edmonton are all 1-4 and one of them has to make the playoffs. From a larger perspective the parity the West has seen over the last 3 or 4 seasons has been great entertainment down the stretch for the playoff run. However from a purely selfish point of view, the larger the separation the Riders get the better.

What happened to the Calgary team that moved the ball at will earlier? Spoke to soon apparently.

EDIT: Nice hurdle by Nik Lewis!

I knew they'd frickin stall. :roll:

Calgary letting the Bombers hang around...

At least you're posting Chief, apparently everyone else has lives.

That made me lol.

Three minutes left. Friggin Stamps better hang on!

Huge play! Now the offence better move the ball, and use up the clock.

Very good play by Browner. I still dislike the guy as he seems to get away with a lot of contact back there, but he's a good player. Calgary has a chance to end it here.

Holy crap Henry threw it away! I'm going to laugh if he throws a pick here, Calgary should be running the ball.

I loved how he waited until half the Bombers D was nearly on top of him before he threw it away...

Exciting finish, Bombers just won’t go away. How you let a guy beat you deep late is beyond me.

Jyles still reminds of when he was with the Riders, just goes deep every 3rd throw. Has a great arm but doesn't throw a great deep ball.

Stamps certainly made this more exciting than they had to. :lol: Happy to go 4-0! :thup:

You and me both, have certainly had a rough ride in the VGCC, Hamilton and Toronto have absolutely murdered me in it.

I’m rocking the 66th spot right now. :lol: