Winnipeg @ Calgary

Well, with the first game all but done, let's start the second game. If the Stamps win I'll have my first perfect week of the season! :smiley:

Go Stamps!

Ewwww....if I said those two words that you ended your post with, I think I'd have to go take a shower. That's a kind of dirty feeling you just can't live with.

Go Bombers! pull off the upset!

Good to see Ken-Yon Rambo back in this game!

Whoo! 7-0.

Whoa what got into Rambo there? He's lucky he didn't get tossed.

Missed it. What happened?

Burris found him on a nice route and Ian Logan caught up and tackled him from behind, they ended up out of bounds and Rambo just snapped and his teammates were holding him back. They showed a few replays as initially it looked like a horse collar tackle but it was clean.

I would say that's incomplete

Wow... :expressionless:

That was definitely a fumble.

Legit penalty in my opinion.

Nice. 17-8 going into halftime. :smiley:

Winnipeg needed to capitalize on that fumble, I don't think they can hang with the Stamps.

Oddly enough, Calgary looked average at best through the first 3 weeks and now they are looking better each game.

Wow. Just saw the replay. Snap is the right word.

Not looking good, Burris is on, Bomber defence has to find a way to get some heat on him.

Bombers need to get the passing game going. 59 yards? Jesus... :?

Really nice looking drive by Calgary, ended by a poor decision by Burris. It's one of the few things that holds him back, he hasn't learned to throw the ball away or eat it and take the sack. Trying to do to much. Game still looks comfortably in Calgary's favour.

This thread is lame, drink for every turnover?


I thought Winnipeg was gonna make you eat your words, but they only got a FG.

I'm confused. I thought they got rid of the force out rule?