Winnipeg @ Calgary Game Discussion

Not long to go until the game starts! If this game is as exciting as the Roughrider/Tiger Cats it will be a great Sunday of football. I hope Blue and Gold take it, but if they don't start playing until the second half like they've been doing for the past couple games it could be all Calgary, Burris or not. Here's to a great game!

Sigh. The Bombers are giving me grey hair.

just got back from the store lets see how this goes!!

turnover to a turnover haha hilarious. Well looks like these bombers stunk up the first qurter, they need to turn it around or else it's all calgary.

Bombers diving...Burris and Calgary doctors who rushed him back are foolish. What do they have to play for? THEY HAVE 3rd PLACE ALL BUT LOCKED UP! Wouldnt the game sit. reps' serve Sankey well? Also, wouldnt the rest serve Burris well? Plus, Burris could watch a potential Grey Cup opponant from the sidelines. I'll never be a coach I guess.


So much for Winnipeg being the best team in the league...

huh? its obvious thats BC right now, I don't recall anyone saying Winnipeg is. But their definitly not showing why their first in the east right now. Dissapointed. 4th quarter clutch team but I'm sick of relying on my boys on only the 4th. Thats why we got spanked by BC last week.

*edit: nevermind im sure some people have said they are best, and a couple of games they sure did look like it :frowning:

Trust me a few weeks ago lots of people were saying it. Right now they don't even look like the best in the East, let alone the CFL.

Congrats to Calgary on winning the game. No excuses here. Burris is a great QB.

Burris held it down!! Come on Bombers get your $hit together.

Congrats to Burris and the stamps....they were solid today....Bombers d' looks very inadequate as of now...and they will go out quick in the playoffs with that kind of play... :roll:

:lol: :lol: Well the bombers plane just crashed. Where are you blue you need to lick some crow..

For give him he ahs not been reading well. The brail must have been done all wrong for him.

Thanks LeBird your a good fan.

i I sense some panic!

Dad see my reply in the other thread there.

I sense some more bomber trolling from you. I stated what I saw, I still believe in the Blue and Gold, but as I said, they need to get it together. Get a hobby dude.

Well MPdiddle, Obviously you did not read all those posts. Where is it I am trolling? So I take it your a sore loser then. :lol:

Do you recall this beatuy!


redwhite = a troll like RLR, however, not for his own team but his unabashed hate for the Bombers. Seriously check out his posts. LOL, somebody from Winnipeg must have slept with his girl... or his goat gazed longingly at a Pegger, either/or.

The only one goat gazing is you and your bombers.

Pro tip: click your name, click find all posts by redwhite2005, find excessive bomber trolling.

I do not come off as a sore loser in my posts whatsoever, I'm a gracious loser. You are a troll.


Right do you go to many forums and stock people. Your last post porroves to everyone your a sore loser. :lol: :lol: :lol: Keep them coming your funny.