Winnipeg BOD

given that there is so much public conversation about reputations of people in charge. Here are the BB BOD

Brock Bulbuck, Chairperson
David Asper, Vice Chair
Debbie Metcalfe, Secretary Treasurer
Bill Watchorn, Past Chair
Ossama AbouZeid
Vincent Barletta
Bob Cameron
Gene Dunn
Trevor Kennerd
Chrys Pappas
Phil Sheegl
Jeff Thompson

if they are going to leak and slag..then here they are.

One person spoke out of school. No need to tar the whole group.

Interesting to know Buchko was boss of right holder radio CJOB before getting BB gig

How is that interesting? Lawless was the one who wrote the article. He doesn't have any connection to CJOB anymore.

Once the Mack fiasco is over - the board needs to figure out who the leak is, and get rid of that person immediately. Every one of those members has signed agreements to keep their mouths shut about internal operations, and anyone caught not doing so should be gone.

Although I agree with most that Mack has to go but this was handled in the most unprofessional manner I have ever seen from a so called professional organization.

Why are we so sure it was a board member that leaked this? There's one other person that knew all about this...

Well, Kubie, Lawless has written more than once that it was a Board Member who leaked it to him . . . so he's making it pretty clear that it wasn't Buchko himself. . . so I guess it comes down to how ethical you think Lawless is.

I could not agree more, Otis; I too think Mack deserves to be fired, but to treat any man in this fashion is abysmally unprofessional and totally lacking in any class at all.

Well, I've never hid my dislike for Lawless, and the most direct statement from him that a Board member leaked this I can find is "The club's board of directors, which is unqualified to be in on such a decision in the first place, is incapable of receiving a confidential report recommending the firing of its GM without leaking to the media."

The rest of his quotes from the board in his most recent stories are about the boards next meeting, and that an emergency meeting could be called. Could he be covering for his source? Maybe. They used to work together...

In any case, this has been handled atrociously. No one, not even Joe Mack, should be treated like this.

Kubie, I should like to think that all of us can agree on that. No one deserves to be treated like this.

It has seemed, from my perspective, that this team has been "run" by media- leaks, pressure, agenda, polls, etc I find it more than ironic that the CEO Buchko got this job after a career in media. Not just media but as a senior exec. of the radio conglomerate that holds rights to Bomber games.
Many feel that the Bombers cannot get on solid ground because they are too tied to media opinion as opposed to sound principles.

i'm not talking about only about this fiasco. This has been ongoing at least from my opinion.

There should be a respectful distance kept between media and the business. Its not always about knee jerk popularity. Teams become successful with wins and class. Not bowing to fan polls run by the media, nor reading a couch potato reporters viewpoint .That is like trying to catch a bottle of rain

God if BC Lions had this disease Buono would be long fired, Chapdelaine would be hung in Gastown and Printers would be QB.

.....Media is there to report the news not make it.....The team and it's directors make the news, so you report it...You have to have a healthy relation with the media but there has to be a respectful distance....Buchko was a media man but also seen as a management star in the making....In the making is the key phrase...I don't think he had enough experience in running a pro club and had very little background in the sporting world...Hasty announcements about the official opening of the new stadium were very telling...Inexperience.. and I think this goes hand in hand in with what is occurring right now with the Mack situation...Guess we'll have to wait and see until something more official is brought forth... :roll: :roll:

That's the thing though. The Bomber BOD doesn't operate professionally. They are a divided group who interferes with day-to-day business, ties the hands of executives, and makes this team dysfunctional.

The fact that Garth Buchko can't just fire Joe Mack himself is proof of this. I believe this announcement was a calculated move by Buchko to force the hand of the BOD (Buchko anticipated a leak to the press).

Had Buchko just called a meeting to discuss the firing of Mack, Mack's supporters would have tried to veto it, fire Buchko, or at least stall Mack's dismissal till the end of the season.

Now Buchko comes out of this looking like the hero while the BOD is scraping egg off their faces. Buchko better have some good replacements in line or he'll be next on the chopping block. That won't be easy, given the circus atmosphere Buchko, Mack, & the BOD have created in Bomberland.

The real tragedy is not how Mack's firing was handled, but how the football fans of this province have been treated over the last twenty years or so.....

This stunt by Buchko sure blew up in his face, didn't it? I bet he never saw this coming. Bad karma.

He got what he deserved. The guy drops that on their desk and then f off on family vacation... Nice.

I Think the board handled this as well as they could.

Glad to hear Wade Miller has done well in business because it sure was painful listening to him read his speech this morning.....

Hey, if he can turn this ship around I wouldn't care if the guy couldn't read at all

Pretty convenient that Wade Miller just happened to be available on short notice to step in as acting CEO when the leak just happened yesterday. I’d say a few of the BOD members had been sharpen their knives behind the ruins of CanadInns for awhile now. Classic ousting, almost flawless.

Why this wasn't done after last season is maddening, but given the Bombers tight-fisted ways, very predictable. Let's hope there's nowhere to go but up from here.

From his column where he first reported the leaked info:

A member of the board told the Free Press today that the board is scheduled to meet next Tuesday but that an emergency meeting could be convened in the interim.
You don't think that indicates it was a BoD member?