Winnipeg boat dealer happy....but CFL may slap the Ticats

Source: Hamilton Spectator

Ticats give new meaning to showboating

I'm sure it was worth it. I know it was worth them paying a fine to enjoy that from my perspective. :lol:

Marcel mentions he may take some sort of action against them too, oh well. Can't blame Thompson and Knowlton for getting excited after the horror of a year they suffered last year.

I think the players may have a case on appeal given that they weren't flagged the second time......

ergo, no harm, no foul :wink:

I hear Thompson's new nickname is Gilligan :smiley:

I don't want to know who is the movie star!

  • paul

hhahaha i'm on a boat thats awesome

personally i think its dumb when they fine players for doing this.....THE FANS LOVE IT!!!

No this sort of thing is only the entertaining rarity that it is due to the fines. The whole thing was spontaneous but without them we end up with the choreographed nonsense and taunting that nobody really wants

That's the way I see it, when its from the heart, its a lot of fun.

Plus Marcel's office is probably not big enough to hold all of them :wink:

Otis....and Mike Kelly is The Professor :slight_smile: Bwahhhhhh :lol:

Actually, come to think about it, this has been a rather interesting year for the Tiger-Cats as far as sidebar entertainment is concerned.....and we keep making international headlines of sorts

  1. Arland Bruce (as an Argo) does the Michael Jackson thing in the Ivor Wynne endzone :cowboy:

  2. The goal post climbing dude :twisted:

  3. The dance team "Thriller" performance on Halloween :stuck_out_tongue: :thup:

  4. The boat boarding ........alllllllll aboard! :lol: :rockin:

(we've improved from the days of crash landing parachutists and setting the field on fire) :lol: