Winnipeg Blue Bombers Revenue Stream !!

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Beginning this summer, the Bombers are offering wedding packages to get hitched at Investors Group Field with nuptials that could feature, upon request, the appearance of Buzz and Boomer. Or have Captain Blue driving his plane around your wedding party.

"Imagine having the bride come out of the tunnel, where the Bombers come out on game day," noted Bombers spokeswoman Kim Babij-Gesell. "Your groom is standing on the 55-yard line. You're hearing your wedding march playing over the loudspeaker as you come out. Right there, you're having a special moment."

The Bombers will have a booth set up at the Wonderful Wedding Show this weekend at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, with every intention of becoming a go-to destination for couples looking for the ultimate Hail Marry.

....Always the innovator and looking to increase revenue :thup: ..Could be really successful and who wouldn't want your nuptials put up on the Jumbotron,,,Maybe they'll make enough to get the press box up to speed??? :lol:

Maybe what the B.B's should have is a contest first before you can get married there.....Like if the bride or groom can successfully throw a football threw a tire at intervals of 1o yards at least 5 out of 10 attempts,then they can get married in the IGF. Who knows??? might just be a good method of scouting for the B.B's next starting Q.B. :wink: :lol:

NOW STARTING AT Q.B. for the Bombers!!!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cowboy: :wink:

.....that doesn't look like Zack.... :lol: ....He could however be conducting ceremonies at IGF...nothing to do with getting hitched though...Maybe a hitch pass :oops: ...okay I'll stop now.. :thdn:

Awesome idea.
I assume they also have banquet facilities to rent as well?

Nuptuals at the 55 yard line? Gives new meaning to the term "Shotgun Wedding." :lol:

This idea could only have been conceived by a dude. That's the only logical explanation. Can you imagine sitting your fiancee and her Mom down and explaining that you'd like to have your wedding in a footballl stadium?

"We can have a blue and gold dais table, Buzz and Boomer can be there, and we can have Captain Blue driving around the field in his plane....." (blank stares).

Yea. Good luck with that! :lol:

Ya , you know your hurting for money when you turn a football stadium into a wedding chapel, what's next Pole Dancing 101 :roll:

Not any different than Taylor field....

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have made it easy for couples to pick their wedding colours. The team is offering special wedding packages that marry a couple's love for each other with their love for the popular football club.

The Wedding Celebration in Rider Nation packages cost $500 or $900 and include hotel accommodation, tickets to the August 17, game against the Montreal Alouettes and the chance to walk onto the turf at Taylor Field for a wedding-themed half-time show.


Or like there's never been a wedding at Ivor Wynne, right TC23?


You've actually been able to do it at Taylor in Regina for years.

Pretty much everywhere has done this for years, Winnipeg just didn’t have a nice enough facility until now.

.....Didn't know that...and apparently tc out of Ham. didn't either and it was happening in his city as well...In any event I think it's a wise move to use whatever /whenever you can to increase revenue.. :thup:

totally agree. I dont think it costs is easy PR.

Free Tee Shirts for everyone in attendance,compliments of the Bombers Organization :wink: :twisted: :cry: :cowboy:

Complimentary Dance Band also included in every Bomber Wedding Package!!!!!!

And if you go to the Hamilton's Tim Hortons Field stadium site/video they too have a party room/private meeting room/suite and they say it can also be rented out for functions like weddings too. Makes sense.

Free Pumps for the Lucky Bride!!!!!!

Free Limo Service to and from Stadium included as well,in every Wedding Package!!!!

Wedding Cake provided Free of charge!!! :lol: :lol:

.....LOL...How could anyone pass up this opportunity to be married at IGF ,with this attractive offer...What a great ride (they don't make that limo anymore ya know) The olds is a thing of the past, much like the wedding event will be, with all of those fine trappings :lol:

And to end your "DREAM"Wedding Night....The Bombers private plane will wisk you away for your dream honeymoon :cowboy: :lol:

While a Tiger Cat dream wedding ends up like this