Winnipeg Blue Bombers record $3.9-million profit

Winnipeg Blue Bombers post $3.9M operating profit
CBC News Posted: Apr 08, 2015

What’s blue and gold and in the black? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who turned an operating profit of $3.9 million from 2014.
The profit is an increase of $1 million over the 2013 season, according to the Winnipeg Football Club (WFC), which released its 2014 Annual Report on Wednesday.

“These solid results were due to revenue growth of 10.7 per cent, as almost all of the club’s significant revenue streams had positive increases in 2014, including double digit growth in corporate partnerships, suites, and concessions,” Bomber president and CEO Wade Miller stated in a news release.

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Excellent news. :thup:

Yes, excellent news and it proves that Western teams can make a profit without too much effort, the fans will come out and support their team and the corporate sector are right behind them.

What a pile of crap.. TV revenues should have gone from about 1.5 up to almost 4 in just this one season.. That's almost 2.5 million right there.. Just more book cooking like the Riders. In the end, the players took it up the tail pipe...

I guess you missed this part............... :roll:

WINNIPEG – Despite posting an operating profit of $3.9 million in 2014, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers lost money last year.

The CFL club had to dip into its savings for $576,000 to help cover its first loan payment of $4.5 million on Investors Group Field. The $210-million stadium opened in 2013.

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Still, overall, a very positive article.

well I guess that crowd of 22K had something to do with that.. The Bombers will make over 10 million this season, so they will be able to pay back the 600K

the Bombers are in great shape as they have over $7 million in cash surplus stashed away...

[b]CEO Wade Miller still painted a gorgeous financial picture for the franchise thanks to the more than $7 million in cash sitting in its bank account from years of operating at a surplus. [/b]

Accountants make the numbers dance to whatever tune is played.
My bet is the team made a whole lot more then now advertised.
Just like the Riders who made a ton of profit yet it was scaled down.

So... Then what teams lost money this year?

People say Montreal and Toronto but I don't believe Montreal really lost money. That leaves Toronto.

How close is Toronto to break even?

17K and change with no cut of concessions and lackluster Merchandise sales...probably a couple mil. It has been about 3 mil a year in the past, but the TV money should help.

Pretty encouraging news. Guessing the attendance numbers will be back up this year with the GC and what looks to be a team with promise. This club's fans were breaking team attendance records for what, 3 years straight? With the woes, they were due for a dip, but they have great fans.

It is nice to see clubs and owners actually looking like they can turn a profit on their investment. When people see there is some hope they are generally more liberal with finances and promoting....this was only achievable by setting the cap where it is. If the clubs can take advantage of the window, then everyone should gain big in the long run

The Bombers still owe over 100 million plus interest ever year, along with the law suits, this team won't make money for over 20 years, that's the reality folks, what ever smoke and mirrors you use it's not happening !

coming from a guy whos team lost money for 30 years straight, but has a free stadium now ,and will make piles of money.

bungle, its about time Hamilton got what it deserves. THF is awesome!

I agree 100%.. but dont rip the Bombers for trying to pay off their own stadium..(I don't think they will..btw) Not to mention that they have been proftable for over a decade now.

Hamilton must have lost a lot of money last year, they didn't get into THF until half way through the season. The outlook should be better this year. For the first time the Ticats will have naming rights, revenue from private suites and all them club seats etc.
As for Toronto how could they even be close to breaking even when they had a 6,000 drop in attendance, no concession rights, no naming rights. If they were close to breaking even I'm sure that they would have been sold by now.

Hey Slim, how can your TFC make a profit when their are 8,000 people in the stands and having a payroll north of 30 million last year???

Let’s not put a negative spin on this news. The team made almost $4M and had $7M in the bank. 20 years ago the League almost folded because every team not named Edmonton was Bankrupt. This is a good news story.

I guess that even after inflation and exchange that the Bombers profit is not much less than the NFL gave the CFL to save the league 18 years ago is a way to look at how much the league has improved.. Yet the players probably earn less now than they did 18 years ago (after inflation)