Winnipeg Blue Bombers Blueprint?

I'm not concerned what a bunch of pencil neck geeks say Jon... I weight more on those who have played the game and are around the teams. If you want to know how silly the betting lines are: how can a team be favored by 1.5? 3 games jon... 3 games difference

Pencil necked geeks or not, the handicappers who set the betting lines know more than all. Perfect? No. But very, very good. If you watch Casino you will learn that master handicappers such as Lefty Rosenthal were scientists. They would pay and recruit insiders on every team they could. They wanted to know if a star player had a drug or drinking problem, whether they had a death or illness in the family, whether they just broke up with their girlfriend or wife and who ended the relationship, what the real nature of an injury was and considered these and many other factors before setting a line. The best handicappers do this. I don’t think the writers do. I get the feeling that if the line favoured the Stamps and the writers favoured the Riders that you would be making the same argument as me.

And enough already with the three game nonsense I haven’t even been talking about.

and you learn things from the movies do ya?

1 good hit on anyone, including your 2 ,and it`s lites out. For any one .

Sometimes. I think Martin Scorsese can teach me a few things.

but Collaros has a concussion history

uh huh ok whatever you say Jon

Based on the statistics and the numbers that back it up and when the games are played. That is where I base why they have one of the hardest schedule. The numbers that state the strength of schedule had the bombers second league wide. Which was higher than the stamps. The bombers are also considered one of the most dominant teams to ever be recorded by the numbers. If you watch them it would back up that claim.

The Stamps are the only team to play 10 games vs the west and only 4 against the east. Everyone else had 9vs west and 5 vs east..... in others words we had 2 play 2 west teams 3 times, everyone else only 1 west team twice.... that is tough

So you're admitting that Sask and BC are good. :+1:


I love how you conveniently left off the fact that 5 of those 10 games against the West were against the two teams that failed to make the play-offs this year in BC and Edm .

There's one thing I have to give you credit for and that is you are very good at conveniently moving the goalposts to suit your narrative .


Not sure about BC but never said sask wasn't good

The bombers got to play the Argos twice. Whom are the best team in the league not named Winnipeg this season. Stamps only played them once. Bombers did not play ottawa ( a team that would give them a free win ). Calgary played them once. Stamps played the lions 3 times bombers only twice. Also why you now changing the narrative and now saying the riders suck. Before it was Saskatchewan are trash they can’t play same for the lions and now it is we had to play these two teams three times while another team did not. Kind of showing you are full of it to be honest. All the fans from the opposing teams in this forum are saying the same thing towards you. When everyone and their mother are calling you out the problem is more you than them.


You have one prospective.....I have the right one

Pls explain why yours is the right one with actual numbers to back it up. Since in almost every ranking the team with the harder schedule out of both was Winnipeg. It was like that in 2019 as well and has stayed the same this year. 2019 they would have had a better record had Nichols who was in convo for mop didn’t get injured. By every statistical measure the bombers are the best team we have seen in years. Add that by almost every measure possible their schedule was the hardest one.

You are exhausting

Since you like numbers.. how much do you think the Bombers pay for their expensive d?

This is an excellent point, and 100% correct.

Case in point - - years ago I was in Montreal for the EDF. Went out for dinner the night before the game and got back around 11:30pm.

I happened to be staying at the team hotel and as I’m in the elevator going up to my room, it stops at one of the floors the team is staying on and all I can see is players running around whooping it up and women everywhere.

Right then I knew they didn’t have a hope in hell and it’d be a blow out. Sure enough, it was an absolute massacre the next day.

Another year during Grey Cup week, a team that was heavily favoured spent the entire week running the streets and shutting down the clubs at 2am. Even the night before the game some guys were out clubbing.

Sure enough, the heavy favourite got beat outright by the massive underdog.

That kind of information is like gold - - but very difficult to obtain.


Stamps get licked

I think the last prospective I had ended up with me investing in that stock.