Winnipeg Blue Bombers Blueprint?

What will it take to topple the Blue Bombers on their way to the Grey Cup and what team matches up well against them to do this?

Looking for any armchair QB who has some strategic thoughts.

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Don't have much armchair QB knowledge. Just a lot of watching. If the Bombers don't beat themselves with turnovers and/or penalties I think they will take the cup. Maybe a coach looks at special teams to topple them. I think it was Toronto over Calgary a few years ago when special teams made all the difference in upsetting the Stamps. Calgary couldn't cover the returns at all and gave up so much field position every time that they couldn't recover


Calgary darn near swept the Bombers this year. Calgary goes into Winnipeg with momentum and a 4 game winning streak vs the Bombers 2 game losing streak and cold as ice..

Blueprint??? Spend spend spend and sign every Tom, Dick and Harry you can on free agent day... sprinkle with hope that a good qb is available for trade late in season.

Calgary beat Sask already?? Shit, it's Monday??

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Not Monday yet.... but you seem to understand Calgary will win!

Flying Delorean?? I haven't seen one of those since 1985!!

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Oh really. I see them all the time

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Quick question: Where were you when JT Hay kicked the winning field goal for the Stamps in the '98 Grey Cup?

(everybody else shhhh?)

What ? JT Hay? Your fling DeLorean has taken you to the wrong decade. That was Mark McLaughlin

Too late for this year though. I should have said gameplan instead of blueprint.

What? They lost the only non exhibition game and won by 1 against 2nd and 3rd stringers. That was the game BLM threw for 39 yards in a full half against 3/4 of the Bomber defence at best. The Bombers haven’t played in several weeks since their last home game vs Montreal. Your pro Calgary slant ain’t working. But I am sure the Bombers would be trembling in their boots should Calgary somehow get there on Dec 5th. But they won’t. As a Bomber fan I am terrified of an aging interception machine that might not throw for 68 yards in a full game against the real Bomber defence.

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One good hit on Collaros and its adios Blue....BTW our back up was 1 missed field goal from beating you twice.....

Too bad your backup wouldn’t see the field until it is too late, if you in fact made it to Winnipeg, which I don’t think will happen. And did you check the Western all star selections today? Four of five O lineman were Bombers. You wouldn’t even get a sniff of Collaros with that anemic pass rush.

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And yet we were a missed field goal from beating you at home with our backup QB it means nothing..its all about executing your game plan...

At home, in front of 23,000 PLUS roaring fans, Bombers will be super tight (although pre-game prep will say they're taking it just like any other game). Thats just football speak - most teams do it.
Bombers can be beat by other teams going super physical on them, bit of cheap-shotting induce some Bombers to take cheap drive-extending penalties.
Bombers yap a ton about being a cold-weather team but thats all yap. They haven't really been tested in cold weather, high winds, drifting snow/sleet, etc. The normal human tendency is cold makes catching the ball a chore, holding onto it more difficult and turning/spinning really tough.
Bombers special teams aren't that special. They give up a ton of big plays. That could happen even more in a bad weather game.
Finally, in a close game Bombers have been infested by a binder full of poor to mediocre kickers. Castillo is supposed to be the cure, but truthfully he hasn't been that good either!


I think the way the Bombers can be beaten is the same way the Arbuckle Argonauts did it. Just by dinking and dunking. MBT can play that way too but it's harder because it's just not in his DNA.

I'm calling for a Toronto win over Winnipeg in the Grey Cup. Woo hoo!

That’s a lot of ifs.

I have said several times that the reason the Bombers win as they do is because of dominant lines. No other team is magically going to come up with lines at this stage that will be able to compete with theirs. While they may not have been tested in cold weather, I’m not aware of any other team that has been tested either. And cold weather would generally favour a dominant physical team, unless it is a slip and slide fest in snowy conditions in which case it’s anyone’s guess.

I think the only realistic way the Bombers could lose is by way of multiple turnovers, perhaps coupled with multiple stupid penalties.


The stamps backup QB has played better than bo this season. Bo has thrown more int than td this season. So yeah the Stamps nearly beat the Bombers bcs their backup QB is better than their starter. The last game of the season, bo looked downright abysmal against the Bombers second stringers, now imagine what happens if they play against their starters. A dude that threw more int than td this season will have to deal with arguably the best defense the cfl has seen in years. What do you think will happen if they meet in the playoffs, most likely a turnovers galore for bo. When almost every other fanbase treats you like a child and thinks you are an entitled, obnoxious brat maybe just maybe the problem is you.