Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Calgary Stampeders, Oct. 5, 6:30 pm

Sat October 5
Winnipeg at Calgary
6:30 pm et/3:30 pm pt

More on the City of Winnipeg's mosquito fogging program for 2013 can be read at ... ogging.stm .

Calgary nightlife is featured at .

More on the game between the Winnipeg Football Club and the Calgary Stampeder Ltd Partnership will be posted shortly.

Oski Wee Wee,


Nags vs Mosquitos............For those confused.........Nags=Stampeders............Mosquitos=BlueBombers

LOL.. it would be AWESOME if we could put pics in the thread


I would say that it's a given that the Nags will win this one - convincingly!! :smiley:

By the way - I have no problem with the thread titles regardless of whether they are inventive or not!

Ford just ripped off a HUGE run for the 'skeeters! They are in the red zone but no TD! :roll:

Corndog with his 2nd TD - Nags 17 with the PA :smiley: and 'Skeeters a whopping 3 off a DeAngelis 15 yarder! :roll: Almost the end of the first 1/4.

'Skeeters look like they came to play! :o Nags not running away with this one - yet -almost half time (3 minute warning).
Not much scoring on either side.

OK Corndog just had a nice run up (down?) the field. And he is now ahead of Sheets in rushing yds. :smiley:

TD Price! 25 Nags with the PA. 'Skeeters - 4

This B.B. team makes the infamous "03" 1-17 Cats look like Grey Cup contenders!!! This Bummer team gets my vote as possibly the WORST in CFL History.......They are way,way,way beyond "GOD AWFUL" Totally beyond PATHETIC!!!!!!

Fun seeing Boltus in.

This thread title offends me.

I'm offended by your being offended. :slight_smile:

Hi folks...Skeeterville issuing pitchforks yet? LOL