Winnipeg Blue Bomber Historical Uniforms

Is is possible for the Bombers to put photographs of their old uniforms on their team website?
Please we would like to see year by year.
old uniforms.
1940s uniforms
1950's uniforms etc.

that's a good idea!

since the CFL tradisions DVD kinda does it for Bomber fans, but if their site and put that up in a histroy section, jerseys fans like myslef could see it and marvel at them.

Even photos from the 1960's show old type pants, pads and helmets.
We had leather football boots and shoes in high school.
Both the CFL and high school wore cleats back then.

I turned up for basic training with a pair of Nikes (1975). Nobody knew what they were and the instructors were not going to let me wear them, but the rule was that you could wear your own sport shoes. They were a lot better than the blank and white old floppy kind that was issued to us.

you can get the 75th anniversary book, that has all the Bomber uniforms in it.

2004 away unifroms were the best unifroms by far IMO.