Winnipeg @ BC

I'll be surprised if the Bombers keep this within 21 points, expecting a big win by the Lions.

Yes I agree , hopefully they can hit 30,000 but I dought it.

I'm thinking BC is going to implode.

That still gets you a 10 point win vs Winnipeg ! :smiley:

Nope. Goltz will shine, Defence will be fine, Bombers by nine.

Lions by a TON!!!!! Won't even be close.....LIONS--42

SEE YA Next week Bummer Boys.....and the week after that too!!!!!!! Good Luck,yer going to need it :lol: :slight_smile:

32 14 BC

BOMBERS 34 Lions 24I don't actually think it will happen but I can not go against the BB s

FYI, first play of the game was helmet on helmet.

While I hope the Blue can pull this out, chances are no.

As long as it's a good game!

That scramble by Goltz was one of those inexperienced mistakes, he needs to learn to extend the play moving outside and find a receiver, too quick to pull that one down and try run for it. He bails and runs for it too often.

...that's a bit optimistic given the game only is 60 minutes long, that's more than a touchdown per second...

Whole lotta bravado for a guy who's team had to rely on a last second missed FG to win their 2nd game of the season.

Bad miss on the fg but winnipeg is playing pretty good right now

Yes. Now they just need to punch it into the endzone and not rely on a FG from Palardy.

Yeah that drive looked pretty good

Good first Q for the bombers, recovered from the Woods fumble on the first play.

Unnecessary Roughness both ways??????? How does Murray Clarke and his crew keep their jobs? :roll:

moron refs. it can't be that hard to tell them roughing the passer and hitting a QB hard aren't the same thing

BC has looked average this year. Winnipeg has a good shot at winning.

How is it a high tackle ?