What a game! far from perfect but enough to win!

Dam, that was a scary finish!

Hats off to Doug Brown and Tom Canada!!!

Just one this a dance??? Can we stop with the HOLDING PENALTIES!!!




Go Blue!!

Agreed. CLose game!

Little disapointed...No Milt, but hey...ill take it!

well maybe if 66 can learn how to let go of things. he had foresure 3 holds. But what a way for Pikula to step up, and thank god the defense held together to end it.

Maybe that's the end for Troy???
Pikula did indeed step up.

Will be interesting.

I don't see how Pikula isn't place kicking next game. I think that was decided after his first FG

One person isn’t celebrating the win.

Yes he is. Westwood bleeds blue and gold. He grew up watching the Bombers and I'm sure he would like to see them succeed in any way possible.

Yeah, this may be Troy the boy’s swansong. He might be out for awhile with the hamstring injury in any case. Pikula also picked up his punting today as well.

The penalties were ridiculous, and I put the blame on the players and not the refs this time around. How many procedure and offside calls? Probably gave up 3-6 potential points with all those dumb penalties. It just about cost them the game and made it closer than it sould have been. Lezi also did a few brain cramps in the first half, but he was a monster in the second half to make up for it.

....close one...but its still 2pts.....Milt was held off the score sheet but was laying on some pretty good blocks and decoying all night...he's what you call an all around player...and very unselfish....Troy is going to take awhile to get back....Pikula looks like he can handle things quite well in any case....Horrible bloody penalties in this game that the Bombers have to cost them BIGTIME on the scoreboard....DBS. played better...and Charlie had his dancin shoes on....there's not a team in this league that has an answer for Blink...quite a guy.....goBigBlue...... :thup:

good game tonight by the bombers, i was very dissapointed by the stupid penalties and our defence in the first half, over all a good win for the bombers

Another huge road win for this team. BC had it going on in the first quater with all their different looks on offense but once our guys figured it out they locked them down.

I'd gladly take the odd holding penalty on Johnson and Wake if it means keeping Glenn upright and healthy. The oline did another fantastic job of protecting Glenn and opening holes for CR, who had his first 100 rushing game.

No Milt, no problem, Armstrong and Edwards will kill you every time, toss in Franklin and Wilson and CR and we have too many weapons for any defence in this league right now.

The second half adjustments by the coaching staff made Wally look like a two bit coach. Guys like Young and Moss in the secondary really put the clamps on those Lion receivers. Sam Young and Jenkins really made Clermont pay the price all night long.

Overall a great physical effort from our guys all night long and well deserved win in what has been a tomb for us and many oyhers of late.

Can't wait for the injuries to heal and all the starters to get back into the lineup, this team will be a force every week.

Congrats you guys on the win. Don't blame the Bombers for those procedure calls, we were doing our best to yell and distract them as best we could. :wink: :wink:

Terrific game. I think the difference was your special teams outplayed ours. Looking forward to the re-match! Enjoy your two points. (Maybe if we win in Winnipeg, we can settle the rubber game in November in Toronto! :wink: :wink: :wink: )

...i'll go with that sport.....still a lot of football to go....but the talent level on both teams should get us a play-off spot for'll sure be nice to get those injured guys back... :thup: :rockin: