Winnipeg BB Sports illustrated NFL rankings #30

Thankyou S.I. WBB being ranked with the lower quarter of the NFL week 14


We're number 30! Woohoo!!! Well done Bombers!!!

So umm... when's the last time the Texans got ranked 33rd out of 32 NFL Teams? :grin:


Its just a shout out to the Bombers. Just a little fun from S.I. recognizing the GC and the BB win


That's gotta be it. I'm liking whoever came up with this article. Thank you Sports Illustrated!


Lol this article is in fact using the Bombers to make a point...not to how good they are but rather how bad the 3 ranked lower are ... this is in fact mocking the Bombers..... but peacock away Bomber nation


So awesome!

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Next you'll be throwing cold water on our trip to Washington to recieve our Grey Cup rings from Joe Biden.


…interesting thought experiment mixing the two leagues in power rankings but I think the BBs are ranked too low here by a few slots…they are definitely better than the hapless teams from NYC and probably Chicago and maybe even New Orleans and Carolina…I’d stuck them around the mid-twenties somewhere…


I think the same way... that's why they keep me away from sharp objects.

I already had trouble finding out whats a tiger-cat...but a tiger-Car?

Are you sure you're a Stampeders fan?

Your green is shining through,

On the other hand, I'm sure if MAD magazine were looking to hijinks a sports team Stamps might crack top 10....... perhaps the page that unfolds,

While folded the picture would show a well organized team......
When unfolded it now showed the disaster they have become..

No need to reply.......just smile :blush:. Lol


Well if 12-6 in 2019 and 8-6 in 2021 is your definition of a disaster, I would love your definition those many bomber teams in the past 30 years who would finish well below .500 and be out of playoffs by Labour Day

12 Grey Cups.....that's one Ring for each of my fingers, (ya I have 8 fingers on one hand and 4 on the other, making Impossible to give someone the middle finger).... Of course if I were Stamps fan I could ware all their rings on one hand,

Not forgetting to mention 3xB2BGC,

in the 1930s its doubtful rings were made.. It was the great depression after all and pretty irrelevant today.

If you're that interested in past history, go back a few more years to the Calgary teams who lost Grey Cups to the 9-9 Argos and the 8-9-1 RedBlacks.


Not to mention being a questionable penalty call away from losing to the 9-9 Cats in 2014 .

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or when the Bombers were smoked by the 8-10 Stamps! or we can go to 1992 when the Stamps absolutely humiliated the Bombers, only to have Edmonton do it the next year- that was the first Grey Cup I attended BTW. Helped set up the next 3 decades.

only questionable to TiCat fans, either way, we have a Cup since then.
Does Hamilton?

(Just to get us back on track)

We're number 30! We're number 30! :partying_face:


Aaand my response to you is

We Got The Cup, We Got The Cup Back 2 Back