Winnipeg BB...QB's

Any chance Winnipeg BB's could scrape enough cash together for a 1 year or 2 year contract for a proven veteran quarterback....
...say along the lines of a recently "retired" former CFL/NFL QB such as Jeff Garcia or someone like that (just happened to see him on a tv football panel on Sunday).

Let's try and find someone who's actually played since the turn of the century, shall we?

I see what you are saying....Garcia is too young (he most recently played in the NFL in late 2011/early 2012 with the Houston Texans).
I suspect you are looking for someone older? Such as someone who last played at the turn of the century in 1999/2001? Maybe Danny McManus? Or would you prefer Kerwin (spike the ball into my own nut sack) Bell ?

Your such a idiot. Maybe one day you will actually post a useful comment . For the record, Garcia stated, he is NOT interested in coming back to the CFL and the Bombers need a QB for the future. Not a 45 year old QB that has nothing left.

Wow, you are so pleasant to deal with.
Well, I guess Garcia does NOT want to come back to the CFL then.
Even if he did, you would obviously be upset since you seem to have judged him to have nothing left.

Drew Willy SSK IMP
Henry Burris HAM IMP
Josh Neiswander MTL IMP
Matt Nichols EDM IMP
Zach Collaros TOR IMP

Not sure if that is the full list or not but I'd take 4 of the 5 on that list.

So, who is your guys choice of who to grab in Free Agency, Willy or Collaris? Can't see Ottawa being a bidding war for eighther of these 2 now that they have taken Demarco. can keep Willy :wink: ...I have a feeling we might also be entertaining Burris in free agency....UNLESS he is going to forego fa and re-signs in Ham... :roll:

Collaros is the one they want, I'm sure, but Willy would look good in blue and gold as well; hope they stay away from Burris.

....I hope they stay away from Willy...This guys stock is dropping like a rock in Regina with Sunseri about to pass him...I don't want any ones left overs and there will be better in the pipe with Danny Mac and O'Shea beating the bushes...count on it.. :wink:

Just because Sunseri's stock is rising doesn't mean Willy will be a disaster. BLMs stock went up but that doesn't mean Calgary was eager to see Glenn go out the door. Not that Willy is exactly KG mind you.

My preference is Collaros from pigseye's list. But at the same time if Collaros is thinking he needs to be paid like Ricky Ray no thanks. I don't want to see this organization overpay just to sign a QB. We have a lot of needs. Willy and Collaros have very similar skillsets IMO, Collaros just has gotten a more game action thanks to the injury to Ricky Ray this season. If Collaros wants to initiate some sort of bidding war or is stringing the bombers along while he takes his time deciding on the NFL I'd rather we move on to what I hope is plan B and go after Willy before we lose out all around. Both of these guys are young and talented, and should have good long careers ahead of them - everything we need in a QB solution.

Burris seemingly has a couple more years left in him, and probably good ones at that if his last couple were any indication. The main problem is he's only a stop gap. He's not a long term solution and we could be back to square one once Burris' tank finally hits empty. They need another young guy or a solid plan to develop Hall or another QB if they are going to sell me on Burris as a fan. This is plan D.

Nichols IMO should not be targeted as a feature QB. He can be a good starter but the risk of losing him to the IR for long stretches is pretty high right now. He would be a good option to serve as a backup who can push the starter or play if the the guy designated the starter struggles. Maybe you luck out and he manages to stay healthy for the rest of his career but a 3-15 team cannot put all their eggs into that basket.

Neiswander would be Plan C. Struggled in his first start but came around in his second go round before Popp switched to Troy Smith for good. The way he was hooked in that first start could've destroyed some other young QBs confidence. Neiswander is likely out of the picture in Mtl as they move on with Troy Smith and Tanner Marsh. And maybe he learned something from Trestman and Calvillo. But literally he wouldn't be anything more than a consolation prize compared to Collaros and Willy IMO.

Plan A:
Collaros with Neiswander or Hall as backup.

plan B:
assuming the tabbies elect not to bring back Burris, i’d go after Burris with Willy as his backup.
Burris would have no other place to go, really - it’s Winnipeg or retire. the Bombers could offer him a 2-year deal, with the starting job first year and taking Willy under his wing, and the second year, as Willy’s back-up/insurance policy. i think this kind of arrangement could really aid in Willy’s development and ensure the Bombers long-term success.

plan C:
Willy as starter with Neiswander as his back-up. hope one of them is capable of being a starter for 2014, 'cause Hall can’t do it.

JMO, but you can have Willy, I agree Sunseri is the guy we want to develop in Sask, but with that said, Durant has a lot of years left in Sask. So either backup will sit unless DD gets hurt!!

....We definitely will be in the Collaros sweepstakes BUT we will have to have a plan (B)urris IF he's still available...I don't know what the heck all the luv is for Willy...What has he done....Besides we already have one of those types in Hall...why on earth would we want another one :roll: Burris with Hall backing him up would be good, BUT IF the Bombers are good to their word ,and are going to 'go all out' in free agency, we'll get a deal done with Collaros... :wink:

I have more faith in the new Bomber management than to sign a 40 year old QB when they have this great opportunity afforded them by expansion. Don't know why people don't like Willy, he's shown good skills every time I've watched him and even did a great job leading the Riders to victory over the Bombers a couple of years ago. Collaros is still the main target of course, but Willy would definitely be next on my list.

....okay...I'm not going to dump on Willy but if he can be judged by qb. sneaks for first downs, I can recall him being stuffed when he had less than a yard to go twice after coming off the rider bench in 2013...AND if he was the guy we're looking for, how come Sunseri has eclipsed him on the rider roster :wink: ...Maybe we will go after his services as he is an fa???...I just don't think he is anything special...Like I said before, we already have those types.. :wink:

Why on earth would anyone judge a QB on his ability to get a first down on a sneak? In his two years in the league Willy has won his only start, completed 68% of his passes, thrown for 9 td's (with 5 int's), rushed for 4 td's, has a QB rating of 99 and he's only 27 years old. He's already shown he can play, now he needs more game experience and where better than Winnipeg? The last two years he's had the opportunity to learn about the CFL game playing behind Durant in Sask and it seems to me, this is exactly the type of player the Bombers should be interested in, not someone like Burris who is hanging on for another contract before he limps off into the sunset. As far as Sunseri goes, don't know much about him, but being younger than Willy and having an experienced QB leading the offense for the foreseeable future, the Riders likely feel he's better a better fit because he's less expensive and isn't in a hurry to start any time soon.

OK, maybe you don't like something about Willy as a player. But what you call nothing special has completion percentages, passer ratings, and TD:INT ratios and his skillset almost identical to Collaros, a QB you do want. Only difference is Collaros got more playing time last year because of Ray's injuries and has a bit of a better rushing average but that can be misleading since, again, Collaros got more regular playing time whereas a number of Willy's rush yards will come on short yardage. And Willy's stats in 2012 were almost identical to someone named Mike Reilly who you did want the bombers to get last year if I'm not mistaken. The skillsets between these guys are pretty close IMO, but then again, I'm not a bona fide talent evaluator.

Criticisms about his skill and ability are fair, but IMO you may be reading too much into Willy vs Sunseri and where they fit in Sask. For all we know, what the Riders like best about Sunseri is the fact he's 2 yrs younger than Willy and has a cheaper contract, or maybe they like him more now because Willy might've turned down a contract extension behind closed doors. Besides QB depth charts can be pretty fluid. If anything we should be quite familiar with how depth charts can change day to day, week to week going back all the way to the Buck Pierce-Steven Jyles 1a-1b fiasco, to Elliott vs Brink, to the constant shuffling this season. Montreals was all over the place this season too after Calvillo went down and before Smith was "ready enough to start." What about Adrian McPherson? IIRC Montreal dumped him before he even hit FA. Talk about an organization saying we don't want this guy. And yet there was a lot of clamoring for Mack to sign him by bomber fans, and despite being the Als trash he would've been an upgrade over most of what we put on the field this season.

Way I look at it, until we have a bona fide #1 starter we should leave no stone unturned to find that guy and to find good depth. We have 4 QBs on the roster right now, only 1 IMO should be back next year, maybe 2 if you consider giving Levi Brown a training camp to prove himself. And Papazoola, if Willy happens to be the starter here next season somehow, don't worry about him doing short yardage since the starters seemingly never take the plunge anymore. We just have to hope like hell it's not Boltus doing it.

…Willy won his only start…and that’s a great reason to pursue him…c;mon… :lol: As far as his stats. go…you know what they say about stats. … there for losers :wink: I base my assessment on the presence the guy shows behind centre on EVERY play and that would include third down success…I’ve seen too many qbs. in here the last while, who come with more hype and accolades behind them than this guy has and you know where that got us…Will we go in that direction…Depends on how Miller/Walters and company see a quarterback as taking this club forward…So IF we bring him in…(can’t see it myself) he’ll have to show he has something special going for him… Failing that Burris (if available, proven vet.) is a far better option than the third stringer in riderville… :wink:

…AND as far as Sunseri vs. Willy…read the rider forum where they have Sunseri quite a bit ahead of Willy and it has nothing to do with Willys contract…rather his skill set… just sayin :wink:

As the wise football sage Charlie Brown used to say...........GOOD GRIEF! :roll: