Winnipeg at Toronto Not On TV?

Is it just me, or is TSN not broadcasting the Monday July 4th 7:30pm matchup between these two teams. Can't find it on the TV schedule on my TV or TSN website.

And if that's the case, what could possibly be the reason. In fact TSN markets themselves as "every game".

wild guess...maybe the start of CONCACAF womens soccer has something to do with it.

then again

CFL Schedules - Full Calendar of the Canadian Football League (

I set my PVR a couple of hours ago and couldn’t find it at first on the 5 TSN channels but found it on TSN 4K3. You need a 4K capable TV though to watch on that channel. Luckily I just got one a few months ago. If you don’t have a 4K TV then I don’t know. I can’t imagine them not showing it. Sometimes the screen guide changes prior to the day of the game so I wouldn’t worry too much. I can’t imagine them not showing it to non 4K equipped subscribers, whatever percentage that is.


Thanks Jon. You know what I'm talking about. Hopefully the guide changes. No way they don't televise it on regular cable TV.

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Another thing I noticed in the last month is that Sportsnet always showed at least one NHL playoff game per night in 4K and it was always listed in the on screen guide.

For the CFL, TSN’s on screen guide rarely lists anything except “Next Live 4K event…” and then the date, which is usually a few days or a week away. I just discovered last week that despite not being listed, all CFL games were being shown on TSN 4K3 anyway. So I conclude that the TSN TV listing department is out to lunch, but the games are always on even if they aren’t listed.

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TSN 's website schedule has the game listed and says it will be aired on TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5.

In the US, the game is being played on the July 4th holiday and streamed only on ESPN+.

Their linear channels could have aired the game live. Instead they are showing:

Diving Dogs Premier Cup
USL Championship


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This TSN link shows the game on TSN 3/4/5

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Not a fan of the Monday games. Screws up the schedule worse than the Thursday games.

In a 30 team league why not but with 4 games per week lets not get too fancy. This will screw up my Monday. Sunday would be much better imo.

I was also wondering what the logic was behind a Monday evening game after a long weekend on a workday. Is there a dog and pony show at BMO over the weekend? Or does that start on Monday?

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TFC might have the weekend booked up.

I'm not surprised by this at all. ESPN (the main linear channel) actually aired a USL Championship matchup on the same day the CFL played a game.

The ESPNews lineup is looking like ESPN8: The Ocho.

I'll have to pull out the latest edition of "Obscure Sports Quarterly" to verify this.

I was going to say the exact same thing. There is no logic to it being on a Monday workday. In fact, with the game being on Monday, I had to double check that Monday wasn't also a holiday?! And it's not like Sunday is not an open date. They play Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. Smh.

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it may be that they dont want for whatever reason the soccer and the cfl to play on back to back days at the stadium.

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It’s been fixed recently now they are on normal tsn channels now the guide has been updated


Being that it is Toronto and no game on Sunday and its on Monday, perhaps they got confused and thought July 4th was the holiday. :wink: