Winnipeg at ... Toronto is it? Game Thread

seeing as how the Argos are awful this game is pretty sad to start.

the Bombers should kill them. easiest pick of the week, er I mean Month.

cant be any worse then watching the riders play today

Call me crazy, but I think the argos win this one.
Winnipeg has struggled in Toronto in the pass and playing at Skydome is like playing in a morgue.
Jyles has that team believing in him and as bad as the argos have been, they're still pros. They have pride and will come out and play hard.

This is a game that Winnipeg should be careful with. Tricky game between two big games with the Als says to me this could be an argo win.

I don't care who wins as long as it's an entertaining game. The first game today sucked. :thdn:

I thought is was absolutely wonderfull :thup: :thup: :thup: :smiley: :rockin: :cowboy:

I agree. Bombers better be at their best.

I wish the Argos would stay with that look, just add a blue stripe to the pants

good start :roll:

this O-line has to be so much better

wow.. that was fast.

ooh, Andre Proulx. how can I already tell there are going to 30 penalties (and none for PI) between the two teams this game?

hm.. good start for the defense :slight_smile: please take note O-line

woah. I don't remember Jyles running that fast last year. pretty sweet speed right there.

dont let jyles throw too much, and they might have a chance

otherwise, watch jyles throw the game away again.

five minites gone, and the argos already have more points then the riders had today

Why don'the Argos play at the U of T stadium, it'll work fine with better sightlines than the RC even if the U of T stadium only holds about 10,000. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even at 10,000, it won't be filled. :stuck_out_tongue:

awful start but that was a good run there!

boyd looking good so far too

dunnigan talks to much. he needs to take a breathe and let gord talk.

matt is already the best since lancaster, and he is still basically a rookie in the booth

Looks like the Argos came to play!

on the bright side, the Bombers are 6-0 when trailing after 1. now, you can wake up any time..

uhh... what