Winnipeg at Saskatchewan Game Thread- Sunday September 3, 2023

The game is just over four hours away. Despite some concerns I have read about air quality I am not aware of any serious risk to the game being played but if someone else knows more please let us know

This is the #1 Labour Day Classic game both in terms of attendance and TV eyeballs. Arguably the most heated rivalry in the league yet a friendly one.

The Bombers are heavily favoured by the oddsmakers, writers and GCC Pool participants. I would suggest that is misleading given the history of this game and the relative dominance by the Riders although they have lost the last two years, but last year barely lost to a dominant team while they were in the midst of a downslide. I see this game as much closer to even. A rabid 33,000 fans go a long way for the home team (I suppose about 31,000 if you exclude Bomber fans making the trip from Winnipeg).

Here’s hoping this is a great game as many think it will be.


I just read the following. Is there anybody in or near Regina with a report of how it really is on the ground now?


The air reports have it at a score flipping between 10 and 11 on the field ( thats really bad air) , but exoected to drop to 7 by gane time and 6 or lower by 6pm in regina

So long as that holds true there wont be any umpact.othet than maybe a few fans for health reasons may not want to risk it ( those with resporitory issues )

The cfl has played games in the 8 and 9 range already this season so id suspect.we wont see anything more than maybe a slight delay to kick off st most


Saskatoon the air has been absolute crap the last three days I have stayed indoors and I cannot even speak from the sore throat I have. My wife is ok but I am quite sensitive to forest fire smoke.


Thanks for the info all. It looks like they will play then.

Here is the TSN game preview:

(Roughriders prepare for powerhouse Blue Bombers Saskatchewan Roughriders prepare for powerhouse Winnipeg Blue Bombers | TSN)

Pirate Sports Network Coverage

Well, as we are on duty on the high seas tonight and on Labour Day on Pirate Sports Network, for those watching in the United States but all are welcome of course, initial preparations have begun.

I can’t quite explain it all now for classified reasons of course, but on orders by Captain Timbers who feels we need additional preparation tonight, the crew is already going through their tactical formations aboard the ship, practicing their moves with and without their weapons, working on their pirate touchdown celebrations, and putting on war paint and related gear. Pirate Cat is looking sharper and meaner than usual already in fact.

As usual, we’ll have the jumbotron at the bow, mesquite grills with much meat, fine rum and ale, and premium deck chairs all set up for when we capture successfully another signal tonight.

Ahoy ye matey!


I have a student this year named Roger and he’d never heard of the term “Jolly Roger” so I made this for our classroom. Tonight, it’s for our broadcast.


Arghh Matey, enjoy the game (and the grog of course). Hope nobody be walkin’ the plank tonight.


We haven’t lost a game yet to air quality, have we? (memory fails). Not bad air quality here on the coast now but you could taste the air a few days ago. Kind of mesquite with a hint of pine. :slightly_smiling_face:


This sounds real nice - I can actually picture it & I want to take part!
I guess I just want to get back to the ocean…been a few years…


Just a bit of smoke in the air here (yesterday too) but not too bad.


Very much looking forward to this evening’s game. The CFL is always entertaining and can be so unpredictable. In recent games the ALs thumped SSK only for SSK to thump the Lions. Then the Lions go take out the ALs. Go figure.

Most are putting their money on the Bombers beating a 5-5 team but looking at some previous results the Riders could have easily been 7-3 at this time.
As a Lions fan I am in a quandary. I’d like to see the Bombers win. This keeps the Riders further away from the Lions in the standings. Conversely, a Riders win will keep the Bombers in Lions striking distance for top spot in the west.

I’ll have to come to terms with this before game time. :woozy_face:

I expect a hard hitting game. As far as the QB position goes if the Riders give Collaros time in the pocket he will destroy SSK.

Oliveira is key to the Bombers run game. This guy can pick up 6 or 8 yards while carrying 3 or 4 burly would be tacklers on his back. He is a one many wrecking crew. I wonder if he turns the door knob when opening doors at home.

The Riders will have a partisan frenzied crowd cheering them on. I think their QB position is suspect but that can be overcome .
The Riders D line will have to be extra crisp tonight to avoid a blow out. Keep Collaros second guessing and off balance and the Riders just might pull it off.


The key (as always in the LDC) will be to try and keep the crowd out of it.
They have the ability to make the D go bezerker feeding off the energy from the crowd.
Normally not too worried about Sask’s Dline (2nd last in sacks), but again throw out all previous stats for this game.
Turnovers will also be key

I want to see Lawler have a huge game, let’s connect/feast on some long ones today, and yes Brady needs to have another big game!


The Rider defense is averaging about 4 sacks per game over the last 5 games or so.

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Just about ready!


Hey Dibs, where in Transcona is that - by the Bioreserve?
I used to work right by there.

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That sounds good, but they are still only ahead of Montreal (who has 19 sacks before this weekend).

Uh… Houston…uh do you copy? Uh…we have a birthday wish…uh…over.

Bombers’ Houston makes birthday wish for two interceptions and a pick-six

Story by Ted Wyman •22h

REGINA — Demerio Houston made it very clear what he’d like to receive for his 27 th birthday on Sunday.

Demario Houston

“My wishes are two interceptions and one of them to be a pick-six and also win the game … that’s most important,” Houston said Saturday after his Winnipeg Blue Bombers travelled to Regina for Sunday’s Labour Day Classic against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“I’m excited … it’s my first (Labour Day Classic) and it’s my birthday so I’m excited to play the game that I love on my birthday.”

Houston’s wish may sound a bit ambitious, but given the way he has played this season, it’s far from impossible.

The boundary cornerback leads the CFL with seven interceptions and returned one for a touchdown on Aug. 18 in Calgary.

“I feel like it’s going good, I’m on a good pace,” Houston said. “I’m striving for my goals and I’m achieving them at this point. We’ve still got a long season ahead so I’m just trying to build on it.”


A slow start but have returned to form since getting some of their linemen back from injury.

Happy BDay Houston - hopefully you didn’t celebrate at all lastnight!