Winnipeg at Saskatchewan Game Thread, Sat. June 27, 8 pm et

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
Sat. June 27
8 pm et / 5 pm pt
TSN 1/3/4/5

A Western slobber knocker in Regina as these rivals get it on to complete kickoff weekend in the CFL. Hope to see some of you here for the thread!

Oski Wee Wee,


Maybe this will be the only post about this game, but Demski for Saskatchewan just fielded a kickoff at his one yard line and his momentum took him back across the goal line, where we went out of bounds across the sideline in the endzone. They awarded Winnipeg a single and Sask retained possession, but I'm thinking since he technically RETREATED into the endzone after he caught the ball, it should have been called a safety and Sask forced to kick off to Winnipeg.

First Crompton and LeFevour. Then Reilly. Now Durant. Is this year going to be worse for starting QBs than last year was? Hope not.

Here's the ruling from the 2013 Rule Book (latest I can find online):

[b]RULE 3 - SCORING SECTION 2 – DEFINITIONS Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge[/b] [b]AR:[/b] Team A kicks to Team B. B1 catches the ball in the Field of Play while moving towards own Goal Line and, in the judgment of the official, the momentum carries B1 into own Goal Area. [b]RULING[/b] – Rouge (possession deemed to have been gained in the Goal Area).

Interesting. Still not sure I like it, but at least they have it on the books and they're being consistent.

4 in the first week if you consider Crompon and LeFevour sharing the starter role.

However, where would be the threshold of where your momentum would carry you into the endzone and where you would have enough time to stop and reverse field? This happened in the NFL a number of years ago, there was an interception and the player caught it on the fly about the 10 and continued into and through the endzone, the referee awarded a safety saying he had time to stop.
I believe it would be deemed a judgement call by the official as to whether or not he could stop, it's a tough call.

That’s exactly what the rule says: “in the judgment of the official”. Kind of like going through on the yellow. Could you have stopped? Maybe. Safely? Without squealing your tires? Where’s the cutoff line?

It seems when ever a team signs Kevin Glenn, their starter gets hurt in the first few games! Weird coincidence, but it will be nice to see him play.

The rule is fine, but in this particular case I just disagree with the judgment of the official. I thought he could have avoided retreating into the endzone.