Winnipeg at Montreal

But on the website roster McGhee is on the 6 game.

And to show how difficult it is for teams to find National players once injuries start hitting special teamers, Sask. has added Bryn Roy to their practice roster or practice house.

What`s Walter Spencer doing these days?

Definitely makes more sense to add McGee to 6 game injured list. Will most probably be confirmed in tomorrow's CFL transactions.

Are you aware, Sheldon, if Brandon Rutley is healthy?

Thank you


Sorry Richard, havent heard any news on Rutleys injury.

Wonder if players have to go on the roster in order to be added to the 6-game, and the Als are just ahead of the filings with the CFL?

Too bad, it would certainly help McGowan's chnaces.

He was surprisingly effective at Baylor. He would certainly have to be used in a specialized role: short yardage FB, red zone TE, short yardage DT. Admittedly highly unlikely he will play a game as none of that sounds like enough to use an International spot on gameday.

But NONE of the "name" signings would ever do anything for Popp's image job-wise down south; so that isn't it.

Some undoubtedly are actually rolling the dice on longshot comebacks, some are just for local offseason media exposure during hockey season, some for US media exposure (i.e., getting the Als name in front of players who have never heard of the CFL) and I would expect some are favours to agents hoping that it pays off down the road when a worthwhile player is looking north.

Herb Zurkowsky said Jovon Johnson missed his 2nd day of practice this week due to an illness.

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Illness better than injury I guess.

Here is a picture of Brandon Rutley in the background with a helmet on. Frame shot is from a video posted on the Als website that is supposed to be from their practice this week.

As per Herb, Johnson back at practice, Carter absent.

Laquan McGowan taking Carter`s spot at WR.....just kidding.

I can't wait to see LaQuan McGowan in the line-up. He could revolutionize the 2 point conversion or any short yardage situation.

I think that will take a while. He will spend at least a month on the PR.

Yup no doubt. Something to look forward to.

Anyway I kind of see this game as essential and pivotal for the Als.

This is one of those games that is very winnable...home after playing well. Against a second tier team (I think anyway). A win gets them some traction. They beat a terrible Sask team, then slipped, but came back and demolished Ottawa. We need to see that was not an aberration. 4-5 is a lot better looking than 3-6.

Maybe he can give Lewis a run for his money.

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 9m9 minutes ago

Duron Carter is under the weather, but Jim Popp believes he'll play against Winnipeg on Friday night #Alouettes #TSN690

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Hebert began the season playing sparingly, the victim of the Als attempting to utilize defensive-tackle Vaughn Martin more as part of the rotation along the line. Indeed, Hebert barely got on the field June 30 against Ottawa. But when the team returned from its bye week in the schedule, Thorpe made a commitment to play three down linemen and four linebackers. That ultimately cost Martin his job, the former San Diego Charger requesting his release after accepting a reduction in salary.

Looks like Martin got his release because Thorpe decided to switch to a 3-4 two games in. That's just idiotic. You hadn't decided on your defensive alignment before the start of the season? You let your GM sign a high-profile DT for big bucks when you weren't even certain you were going to run a 4-3 front? That's some disorganized coaching right there.

The 2 paragraphs before says:

“He’s a guy I try to get on the field, no question,? said Noel Thorpe, an assistant head coach and the team’s defensive coordinator. “We’re going to do everything we can to put him in positions that he can go out there and be disruptive. Ky, over the course of the last four years, fits our defence and the style that we play because of his versatility and what he can do.

“He’s a warrior. He’s everything we look for. We like to say this guy’s going to empty his tank. He’s going to give you all he’s got on each and every play. He’s going to make plays and going to be a difference maker.?

To me, it just sounds like Thorpe thought the defense and team would be off with Hebert than with Martin even if Martin is a NI. If Hebert were not on the roster and Thorpe was given the choice between Martin and Boulay, Shortill, Ackie, or Koster, I suspect Thorpe would have stayed with the 4-3 and played Martin.

But Hebert has been on our roster for four years! If he really thought Hebert was so vital, why did we bother to sign Martin in the first place? Thorpe has some real issues with personnel management (and let's not forget that he had to have been the one to sign off on benching Bowman last year).

Coaches usually try the put their best players on the field. To Thorpe, he was probably hoping Martin would be one. When that did not happen, he just put in Hebert who has been on the bubble of even making the team the last few years.

Here is a still from practice showing Luc Brodeur-Jourdain at center with Philip Blake at LG and Philippe Gagnon at RG.

But after two games they write Martin off and switch to an alignment that marginalizes him? I don't understand it. I'm not a Martin fan but two games is not enough evidence either way. And it's disturbing to me that Thorpe waited until two games into the season to commit to a 3-4 defense. That's a decision he should have made in training camp.