Winnipeg at Montreal

As per today's CFL transactions:

Int. DB Khalid Wooten added to practice roster. Drafted by Ten.Titans of the NFL in round 6, in 2013. On their practice roster during 2013 and 2014.

Int. DT Owen Williams removed from practice roster.


Eric Leblanc wrote today that they were trying out 10 players or so after practice.

"En terminant, soulignons que les Alouettes ont continué de tester quelques joueurs après l’entraînement de groupe. Le contingent d’environ dix joueurs s’est soumis à des exercices d’une durée de trente minutes environ. Le quart-arrière gaucher Greg McPhee, dont le nom apparaît sur l’équipe d’entraînement, était du lot."

We dont have Chris Jones budget to keep them in 2 houses, perhaps a motel that rents by the hour.

And speaking of DTs, one guy that we really cant afford to lose is Alan Michael Cash. With Klassen and Martin gone, there isnt a legitimate backup.

If ever Nat. DL Cleyon Laing is released by Miami in the next 8 to 12 days, I hope that Jim Popp will try to sign him.


Cash's loss would be big, no question. But we are dressing Finley and Joseph, and Owen Williams is on the PR.

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Looks like Sutton will be starting. :thup: :thup:

We should run the ball more effectively, and I'm almost prepared to guarantee that we'll see better pass-blocking out of the RB spot. Sutton knows how to protect the QB. Rutley, not so much.

Herb wrote that Jean Samuel Blanc suffered a torn quad and will be transferred to 6 game injured list.

The major problem is that there are not too many-only 2- Nat. on practice roster.

One option could be to dress Nat. WR Davidson and sit Int. WR Corbin Louks; an extra RB -Rutley,if healthy, or Jackson could dress. Another option would be to dress an Int. DB.-Ramon Taylor-


Another option, although it happens rarely, is to raid another teams' practice roster.

I'd be fine sitting Louks to dress Davidson.

Well the Vaughn Martin money has been freed up. But he will attract interest from almost every team; field might be reduced a bit after veteran contracts are guaranteed (i.e., less cap flexibility).

Been a difficult year for the team so it's nice to see light-hearted but interesting pieces like this: ... -1.3515429

It's mostly about Nik Lewis. Funny bit where Hebert jokes that Nik must have a voodoo doll of Kevin Glenn to make sure he gets the ball thrown his way. Then Glenn walks by and says that Nik is his little talking doll like in the Penny Hardaway Nike commercials, always making him throw Nik the ball. :lol:

Interesting tidbit here: Lewis went to the coaches a while back and said he wanted to be more a part of the offensive attack.

[i]Mis au courant de la révélation de Lewis, le coordonnateur offensif, Anthony Calvillo, a ajouté des détails.

« Il disait qu’il sentait qu’il pourrait être plus impliqué. Ainsi, on a eu une bonne discussion à propos de ce qu’on attendait de lui et des choses qu’on croyait qu’il peut exécuter. À partir de là, le tout a progressé. C’est un compétiteur, il veut contribuer. Il comprend qu’il n’est plus le receveur étoile de son équipe à ce stade de sa carrière, mais il saisit ses occasions. »

« Il se croyait capable d’aider notre équipe davantage et c’est ce qu’il a fait », a vanté Calvillo qui avait bâti un plan de match impeccable contre Ottawa.[/i]

Hmm. Looks like Calvillo is perfectly receptive to advice and opinions from others, even the players he's in charge of. Maybe those Herb-generated "whispers around the league" that he and Chap don't get along fall short of the truth. :roll:

Presently, the Als have only 22 healthy Nat. players,including 2 on practice roster. I don't recall the Als being so low in numbers of Nat.players. With 10 games remaining,they can't afford too many injuries to Nat. players.

As GHT120 wrote yesterday, they can always "raid another team's practice roster". Looking at other teams practice rosters, there are not too many Nat. players. A few that I think could interest the Als are:
Nat. FB Nate O'Hallaran with BC
Nat RB Dillon Campbell with Sask.
Nat. WR Kristopher Bastien with Sask.

This option-raiding other teams practice roster- may not be chosen for now, but in case of injuries it will have to be,unless trades occur.


Here are some roster additions including the guy that makes Nik Lewis look like a midget....I mean little person.

MONTREAL – The Montreal Alouettes announced on Tuesday that the club added national defensive back Hugo Lopez to the roster.

Lopez (6’3?, 215 lbs.) a second round draft pick (14th overall) by the Edmonton Eskimos in the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft, made 13 special teams tackles in 29 career-games in the CFL. The 29-year-old also suited up for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Toronto Argonauts and the Ottawa REDBLACKS. Lopez played his college football with the Waterloo Warriors and the Toronto Varsity Blues.

National defensive end Jean-Samuel Blanc has been placed on the six-game injured list.

The Alouettes also announced that international fullback LaQuan McGowan (6’7?, 410 lbs.) and international defensive back Khalid Wooten (5’11?, 200 lbs.) have been added to the practice roster.

Why does Popp constantly have to be a attention seeker. Why cant he just go out and sign normal players. Star receivers came from the NFL and couldnt catch on in the CFL because the field is just to big. How the hell is that gonna be different for a 400 pound man

Tough for us right now. We're carrying a lot of quality nationals on the 6-game: Blanc, Charette, Klassen, Lue, Moore, and White.

Interested to see what they do with McGowan. If Anthony can work up a few short-yardage packages for him down the line, he could be a great little (figuratively, lol) addition to our offense. I mean, this guy's body type is absolutely unique in the CFL. If we can find a way to get him in the lineup, we'll have something that could present our division rivals with some matchup problems.

LBJ back, Sutton healthy, McGowan on the PR, Lewis as our receiver, Beaulieu potentially able to play more of a role. I see many of the key ingredients for us to roll out a power run game as we head into the back half of the season. I'm sure our O-linemen would like nothing better than to get out in front of an RB and throw some heavy blocks instead of always being on their heels in pass protection.

LaQuan McGowan is listed as a non-import on the website roster. 8)

That`s Jim Popp being influenced by Chris Jones.

In the french version of roster, both McGowan and Wooten are listed as Int. while they are listed as Nat. on english version.

The news release mentions Int. players.


Both INT.

As per today's CFL transactions,excluding the ones we already know, Int. QB Greg McGee has been added to active roster. Once Kenny Stafford and Tyrell Sutton are added to the active roster, 2 Int. players will have to come off the actual roster.-To 1 game injured and/or practice roster.-