Winnipeg at Montreal, Mon. Oct. 14, 1 pm et, TSN

Mon October 14
Winnipeg at Montreal
1 pm et/ 10 am pt

For those of you who were able to find this game thread without a phrasebook, edumacate us about your views on this contest.

Well... Billy Bob says Pierre talks funny... hyuk!

Jets vs Canadiens???? Canadiens in a shoot-out!!!! :wink: :lol: Tues.Oct.15/13.....Montreal vs Winnipeg.......Oh!!!!!!!!You mean Football!!!!!!!!!! Larks win BIG over Skeeterville :roll: sorry bout that......the name of the thread got me confused!!! :oops: :?

Als are 0-2 at home against Burke the HC. Both games they were expected to blow out winnipeg. One of which Herb Zurkowsky of the Gazette predicted a shutout. :roll:

Soooo......i'll believe it when i see it. 8)

Cold. Uninspired. Humourless.

Much like today's workplaces...... and SkyDome.

O-O-O, don't listen to 'em! Not only do you have the most clever nickname here, those gameday thread titles were a scream!

One good thing about this game....

Rod Black will not do the Cats game!!!

:rockin: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :lol:

Bummers are running away with this... .3-0 so far!

Hi folks!

lol... folks?

I'm here all by myself...

afternoon Russ

I was referring to the silent minority who were unable to find the Hamilton game thread and wound up here instead, HTD. LOL

lol.. gotcha

Tim Burke is Mr. Blunt. LMAO

Max Hall with the armpunt, which is taken back by the penalty.

Cox costs his team a pick..


I actually CAN see this ending up a Jets/Canadiens score

These offenses are pathetic

Wonder if it's asking too much,but come on Skeeters do us a favour and upset them Larkies....GO SKEETERS GO!!!!! :thup:

Yes it is!

It was beginning to look like neither team seemed to want this game. Then Skeeters came to life and scored.


Did Black actually say "This Blue Bomber team is not looking like the 2-12 team"????

Yes they do you tool...

Montreal cannot give this game away fast enough right now

10-0 Skeeter Droppings after a quarter.

Montreal looks like a 1-13 team, to be clear. LOL