WINNIPEG AT MONTREAL - July 1ST,2023- 19:00 hours

We can expect many changes for the Alouettes due to injuries. Based on practice of the past three days and what we did read, I foresee that players that could be in and out:

Possibly out:

Keshum Abram WR A
Jeshrun Antwi RB N
Ciante Evans DB A
Pier-Olivier Lestage OL N
Dionte Ruffin DB A
Avery Williams MLB A

Possibly in:

Patrick Davis OL N
Walter Fletcher RB A
Bryce Notree MLB A
Kardell Rodgers DB A
Tyler Snead WR A
Thysen-Otis Copeland DB N

I am positive about some out and in, but not all. We will have the answers tomorrow.



J’ai hâte de voir cette partie parce qu’elle va être un sérieux test pour cette équipe. Si elle tient son bout contre une formation aussi puissante, ce sera déjà très encourageant. Si elle se fait torcher, nous saurons aussi où elle se situe présentement et l’amplitude des progrès à faire.

J’espère une bonne prestation offensive, avec un jeu au sol qui progresse, une ligne défensive qui fait sortir Collaros de ses plans avec régularité et une défensive solide en 2ième et long.


Herb Zurkowsky (and the other media) apparently has the depth chart because he asked Jason Maas whether it was true that Jake Harty was starting. Maas confirmed it to be accurate.

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If Jake Harty does start, It could mean that Snead won’t be on the active roster.


DB Kordell Rodgers from Practice Roster
LB Byrce Notree from 1-game Injured List
OL Patrick Davis from 1-game Injured List
RB Walter Fletcher from 1-game Injured List

DB Ciante Evans to 1-game Injured List???
LB Avery Williams to 1-game Injured List???
OL Pier-Olivier Lestage to 1-game Injured List???
WR Keshunn Abram to 6-game Injured List

DB Dionte Ruffin is a game day decison. Jason Maas says the league rules allow a change to be made up to 30 minutes before gametime.

Interesting – Murray is sliding back into the secondary so Reed can start at Will. Given our injuries, I expect to see two-back sets a fair bit in the game, allowing Fletcher and Stanback to be on the field at the same time.

Gagnon at LG with P. Davis as the backup.

Disappointed that Tyrell Richards isn’t getting a start on defense with A. Williams out and Murray moving back to the secondary.

Injuries suck man, I liked watching Abram, and now he’s on the six game?? Hope we heal up soon

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Yeah, the number and scale of injuries are brutal this year. The last thing we needed was for yet another receiver to be 6-gamed, but it is what it is. Hopefully Fletcher’s activation gives us a spark. And we also have guys like Snead and Davis who can come in and help if needed over the course of the season.

But no denying it’s tough. Our receiving corps is in tatters due to injury, and now our secondary is getting hit too, with only Sutton and Dequoy left from the starting group, Murray sliding back to DHB to replace Evans, and potentially two rookies on the corners (Ento and possibly Rodgers if Maas doesn’t think Ruffin is ready to go).

Je suis aussi déçu que Richards n’ait pas été inséré. Je pense qu’avec Chagnon et lui à cette position, l’équipe aurait pu se donner un peu de flexibilité. Lorsque Chagnon a été appelé à remplacer Williams, on n’a vu aucun changement dans le rendement de l’unité. Je crois que Richards aurait aussi pu très bien tirer son épingle du jeu. Peut-être que Chris Ackie a exprimé une vérité qui est en train de se démontrer…

Si les Alouettes livrent une bonne bataille aux Bou! Bombers dans ces conditions, on pourra être relativement rassurés sur la profondeur de l’équipe… à moins que ce ne soit les Bou! Bombers qui aient à s’inquiéter de la leur.

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I suspect Tyrell Richards being able to play the gunner role on punts is one reason the team was able to release Kerfalla Exume. Getting downfield to cover punts was his role with the Alouettes. Now, the team is using Richards along with Zach Lindley, JR Reed, and Jake Harty.

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I think we should give a chance to Bryce Notree, he look very good during the camp

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No doubt. I’m not questioning him. But he’s a raw rookie going against one of the top offenses in the league. I also wonder why Tyrell Richards isn’t getting an opportunity to start on defense.


Ah, heck. Basically it’s Dequoy and Sutton back there, alongside two rookies and a guy playing out of position (Murray). Hoping for a win but not holding my breath…

3 rookies including JR Reed.

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Yes, although that’s at SAM.

Thunder boomers going on…will probably be delayed.


Bomber radio broadcasters mentioned a slight Thunderstorm in air over Montreal. Radio guys like Derek Taylor habitually undersell things so they can hold onto their ever-decreasing radio audiences. About a half hour ago Taylor said they hadn’t begun to let fans back into McGill stadium (or whoever its called these days). With only 23 minutes to game time (as of now) I suspect game start will be pushed to at least 7pm (instead of 6pm), with a good chance of it being later. Slave to the weather at this point.

if they can’t get it started by 9pm I think Randy might intervene and suggest the game go at noon tomorrow. Pretty sure teams would rather start at 10 or 11pm tonite than hold over in Montreal for another day.

Severe thunderstorms in the area right now.