Winnipeg at Montreal Game Discussion

Turnover on the kickoff and Winnipeg recovers moves the ball for a couple downs but cant get that touchdown. Serna comes in and pooches a field goal. Good start to the game lol.

Then on the ensuing drive Montreal convincingly moves the ball up the field and then a tipped ball interception is challenged .... which montreal wins. Wonder if we'll see more Randall today.

Go Bombers Go

I am liking Gord Miller and Matt Dunnigan as an announcing team.

Wow! Bombers win! Hope springs eternal.

Yeah I was quit impressed. Calvillo looked off today.

I was watching the Jets game, but I just checked the score. As if the Bombers won. Wow. Now if they can beat Hamilton, they'll be 8-10. Still under .500, but a hell of a lot better than 6-10.

Not his best game but he recievers were worse. Cahoon Bratton and Watkins all dropped passes...more than 1 each I believe

The whole team was in a funk the whole game................may as well have played the backups, as Dunnigan kept harping on and on about...........

ya he was beginning to get on my nerves.....It was almost as if he wanted AC to get hurt so that he could say "I told you so"

Calvillo calling his own number on second and long is a sight I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AGAIN IN THE REGULAR SEASON. A meaningless game and our star QB is exposing himself to unnecessary hits from a team featuring at least one ex-Al who has publicly said that he’d like to put some active players out of commission for the playoffs? Gaaaah.

Also, I’m sick of the stupid checkdown 5-yard passes when we need 10 yards for a first down. Either sling the ball down the field or throw it away. Those five-yard underneath patterns won’t move the chains.

The Bombers did a nice job of sustaining drives today, really held a edge in the time of possession. Not even AC can score from the bench. Both sides looked pretty sloppy, but overall it sets the stage should they meet again.