Winnipeg at Hamilton

The re-match! Come on, Cats! Don't wanna see Hamilton go down 0-3. :?

ok the Cats can win as long as Sandro stinks in the process :smiley:

Still hatin on Sandro? :lol:

Just turned on the TV to see the replay of the Cobb TD. Nice!!! :thup:

Had to put up with him when he was a Stamp. Too cocky for me and I was embarrassed for the Stamps on more than one occasion.

I can see.

Kind of bummed the Cats didn't go for the FG. How strong is the wind?

Too strong for Sandro i guess :lol:

:lol: Apparently.

Ti-Cat defence isn't giving Winnipeg anything! I thought the Bombers might get a first down on that last play, but the Hamilton defender hung on for dear life. :lol:

Bombers aren't helping their cause with all these penalties ...................Touchdown cats!

Yeah. They racked up what, 40 yards in penalties? Geez... Nice to see Mann get a TD. :thup: 14-0 Cats! :smiley:

I hope Pierce can make a game of it. I do really like Pierce, gutsy dude.But stay HEALTHY!!!!! Buck.

MMMM Sara, hehe

Geeez! That kick wasn't even close. What the hell is going on with Sandro? :expressionless:

:o That was a helluva grab by Harris... unfortunately. :lol:

the Bombers are nothing without the Beer Snake

^^ :lol:

Another miss for Sandro... :roll:

SandrOOOOOOOO :lol:

I'm getting ticked! The Cats should be up 20-0 right now! Damn Sandro DeAngelis. :lol:

DU angeless :oops:

Listening to the Ti-Cats radio broadcast on Y108 but now getting the game live on ...

For first half I have the following questions:
Who is this Angelo Mosca whom they interviewed for sake of the Ti-Cats?

Definitely he is some old, plain-spoken dude. And apparently the accent from the locals in Hamilton sure sounds like that of much of the Northeast US such as in Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Buffalo! I had no idea!

Has the Ti-Cats defence really contained Buck Pierce from attempting to run the ball? Has he really even had an opportunity?

It seems as if the Ti-Cats defence have really spent time in the film room, as Pierce seems to be the only quarterback killing teams with rushing yards in the first two games.

Bombers are killing themselves with the penalties. kind of like Edmonton last week. :lol: