Winnipeg at Hamilton Game Thread- Saturday September 16, 2023

Just got in so I’ll start this better late than never.

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Ahhh, finally. I don’t have to talk to myself anymore!

The 2 kickers have been the diff so far, Leggs taking Cast to the barn


So is this the GDT?

Bombers playing a little soft here…

Haba Haba Doo!

good opening drive, just came up short though but good start. Now lets hope the D start on time

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Where TF is everybody??

the crowd seems to be in it by the noise

Beautiful Saturday afternoon, they should be into it!

yes and I’m sure as they pound them down it should get even louder

Or the Bombers keep em quiet…

Hey Probey - you a gynocologist?

Big play, but a couple wiffed tackles by the Bombers

cats playing well so far

OK Blue, time to tighten up a bit here and start playing some football…

should of had that pick

ouch that one hurts

Can’t keep them down for too long

Need to get 7 here

And…Demski gets the TD

2 point return on the missed convert…expected that from Leggs

Brutal holding on Castillo though

yep needed that pick, should get 6 for running a missed convert back.