Winnipeg at Edmonton GT, Sat. July 25, 7 pm, TSN

Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday, July 25
7 pm et / 4 pm pt
TSN 1,3,4,5

A big game in that the logjam for second place in the West will be further broken up with the outcome of this game, barring a tie. Edmonton is tough at home and which Bomber team shows up will determine whether it will be fight or a quick road grading exercise. The Bombers need to protect Drew Willy more this game so Chris Jones's crew doesn't knock him out of another stretch of games. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Raining in Edmonton which could have an impact. Willy was just sacked by Willis so the vaunted 'Peg OL will likely get a work out tonight. So far neither offense is rolling but it is more because of receiver error than D pressure.

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Rod Black just said, "little guy, big package" :cowboy: :cowboy:

Rod Black says - Shakir Bell is 5'5" but has huge feet!!!

Well, if all this talk about the size of Bell's feet doesn't get him some free shoes, it will definitely get him some dates

4 - 3 at the half, no missed converts to report!

The score is 4 to 3 going into the bottom of the fifth inning.

Well for sure it seems more like a baseball or hockey score (depending on the season) but the conditions are rather tough with the rain. Still makes for a rather tough game to watch. Looks like even some of the spectators have given up - unless they just haven't returned to their seats after half time yet

Looks like everyone gave up on this game at half time. Brohm looked impressive................ :roll: looks like he will get the start with an injured Willy.

LOL an injured Willy!!!

Would that be an upper Willy injury or a lower Willy injury?

What's more impressive is that Brohm is willing to start in spite of an injured Willy. Tough kid.