Winnipeg at Calgary Gameday Thread

Hello all! Three hours to go to kick off in sunny cloudless Calgary! With Winnipeg fighting for first and Calgary for a home playoff game, this one should be intense.

My ever-wishful hope for this game is for Cornish to pass the 1000 yards plateau in this game. He only needs 175 yards - so Calgary should give him the ball 24 times, haha.

...throw my wife's winter tires on and then off to the game!!

In Calgary has been a death sentence of late for the Bombers, have to go back to 2002 to find their last W there.

About time for a change, Bombers by 10. :smiley:

Never thought I would ever post this... but...

Go Stamps Go! to go shower... :lol:

Au contraire! Calgary 30 - Winnipeg 20

With all the love Tate gets on here, what happens if Brink outplays him?

Calgary wins this game. Winnipeg hasn't played well for most of the last 2 months of the season aside from playing Montreal. The pressure goes onto the Lions later tonight.

Winnipeg - 20
Calgary - 31

Later tonight "Au contraire"; Montreal 28 - Lions 25

I think both QB`s will struggle, May see 3rd stringers for both teams, lots of ints/sacks

Awww yeah GO BLUE!

well, I want B.C. to win vs Montreal so as far as who wins here, I don’t really care although I sorta want to see Calgary win.

this game should be good.

This does not bode well for the Grey Cup. Winnipeg seems unable to play a full 60 minutes of football, Montreal can't play when their opponent has any talent and Hamilton is too Jekyll and Hyde. I see a west blow out if something doesn't change.

I like the objectional conduct calls after the 2nd Calgary touchdown. Tate started it by trash talking so it's nice to see he didn't get off free and the punch was still assessed more yards. Good call.

What a catch by Denmark. Did he fall on the ball?

That turned out to be an interesting first half.

Yeah, both teams taking turns self destructing with turnovers and bad penalties, not exactly up to playoff quality ball from either team really.

24 points is not playoff quality? What game are you watching? Or is the rabbit distracting you from whats happening on the field. Gotta admit that was the fastest touchdown this year. :lol: Only in the CFL.

How does one incure a contacting the kicker penalty on a FG?

I also get the feeling if it was Pierce rather than Brink in this game Calgary would be home and cooled right now...

omg, completely wide open in the end zone and he drops an easy TD. :o

Tate couldn't have planted one better.

it's been a good game when you look at it.

Winnipeg could still pull it out and the Stamps do need to tighten things up here.